I was impressed with Salmon..

"I agree that outside of suffering the craziest KO since Kohler/Judson and the flying ninja kick"

but i mean, other than THAT, he looked great!

^^hey stupid. of course salmon looked terrible if you compare him to someone who is not a tomato can. but in terms of performance vs. expectations he did very well.

on the other hand rashad got taken down and had his guard passed like a baby. not to mention some decent shots landed on him.

compared to the hype he looked like shit. you're just sad that your guy didn't live up to expectations.

Salmon is a can"

thank you for making my point for me. rashad didn't look all that impressive against a complete can.

i don't care about either fighter, so i don't have a dog in this fight. my only point is that rashad's performance didn't match the hype.

he's seems like he's growing tho and he's a young guy. right now, though, it's my humble opinion that he'd get owned by most of the top guys.

He did look good until he got caught. I hope he gets another shot.

He looked like a bar room tough guy except for his great takedown skills.

I do not want to see him again unless he learns some standup, you guys are crazy to say he looked good.

Sean looked like what he is. An amazingly talented wrestler with about a year of stand-up training. He did not do bad when everything is factored in.

That is the difference between now and 10 years ago. A wrestler of that caliber would have dominated everyone back in those days. Now it is just one part of the equation.

Sean isn't going to shy away from hard work. He will improve standing up and with submissions. People who call him a tomato can are clueless and have not seen many shows outside of UFC and Pride.

Sean Salmon, David Heath, and guys like that might be at the bottom of the UFC ladder, but they are at the top of the ladder for the shows below the UFC. Sean has things he can improve on, but he has outgrown many of the smaller regional shows. He was ready for a step-up and he took it.

He lost, but to say a guy that skilled is a tomato can makes you a crack smoker.

I'd bring him back but more in hopes of another highlight real knockout then anything.

"He lost, but to say a guy that skilled is a tomato can makes you a crack smoker."

i don't know dude, he was brought in for the sole purpose of getting brutalized badly, highlight reel style. and that is exactly what happened.

he has potential yes, but he was brought in to bleed.

also, I don't really hold the first round against Rashad. I think he knew Salmon was going to gas, and let Salmon do his thing (ie Frank Shammy vs. Tito). He took little to no damage, and was in good shape, and could have taken it to decision conditioning wise. Conditioning wise, I don't see anyway Salmon could have survived the 3rd round.

He looked pretty good before he got tired and left his hands down. Salmon said that the karate kick wasn't planned and it wasn't meant to land, he just wanted to get Rashad thinking.

He should go down to 185. He will have an advantage in strength and wrestling skill over a lot of people at that weight.