I was robbed by a crack-ho

I'm minding my own business after a hard night of training, with a possible concussion and I decide to pullover and use a payphone. this girl comes up and asks for a ride and jumps in my truck.......im a little dazed froma shot earlier where i had my mouth open and i'm seeing fractals out of the corner of my eye.

I'm driving her two blocks, and she starts soliciting sex. "wanna do something?" she says "i'll give you head for 10 dollars." ten dollars!!!How could i refuse a bargain like that? Well I said no and tried to drop her off.. She starts agressively asking for money and I pull over and say get the f$#k out. i actualy said get the fuck out but i don't think I can say that on here.

She throws it in park and wedges her foot on the gear shift. I'm like..."i'm not giving you 10 bucks get out." She says its only 10 bucks and i have lots of money and I should just give it to her. Anyone who knows me knows that i have no money.I start beeping my horn and positioning myself to kick her in the face repeatadly until she is an unconscious bloody mess. She says "go ahead, if the cops come, they know i am a hoe and i will tell them i sucked your c*&k and you never payed me." Damn, I'm dealing with a pro here i thought. I sit right up and prepare to bicycle kick her into oblivion than it dawns on me that this is my girlfriend's truck and we have to live in this crack invested neighbourhood. What the hell.

Now i'm looking for mack daddy flex's post on how to get rid of a body....

Nice attempt, I give it a 7.5.

Take her to Tim Hortons?

u could have got her down to $8

Dam Frank, my crack ho cost me $20 bucks for head... you should've taken the offer!


I think the main points are these:

#1 did you learn from this experience? perhaps spending the extra $30 and buck up to the normal going rate of $40 for a blowjob in a more reputable shitty neighborhood may be the key?

#2 was she any good? only you can answer but $10 is both a bargain and potential waste of time and i don't mean yours?

#3 did you cum? atleast you would have something to show for it other then this story? just a thaught , trying to see the positive sides?

#4 concussion heh? maybe this was actually a far fetched dream or possible fantasy you may have dreamt up while actually passed out from the blow you received earlier in the evening?

I am not a doctor or even in the medical field for that matter so I can't speak with authority about concussions but $10 does seem like a hell of a deal for a blowjob

From: MackDaddyFlexxx
Date: 04/04/04 08:05 AM
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If you don't need time, but just want to get rid of the body quickly and in a clean way, steal a wheelchair. The person that was on it will most likely not chase after you. After that, go see a movie. With the body. On the wheelchair. As you enter, talk to the body on how good the movie will be. Buy the tickets and wheel the body to see Titanic (the movie is three hours and 15 minutes long, giving you almost 4 hours to play with to create an alibi). When the movie starts and the lights are dimming, tell the body you are going to get some popcorn and stuff. Instead, leave. There are of course many other ways of solving problems of this kind. It all depends by your imagination and resources and how good your alibi is. Remember though, you should try to avoid at all costs to end up with the terrible task of getting rid of a body. If your job is done well from the beginning, all you have to do, is go and collect the other half of the cheque.

Mac Daddy Flex is definitely a very resourceful person. (sighs)

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