I went to Klitschko/Sanders fight.

i had premier seats. There were some pretty good warm up matches. Man. I cannot believe how hard those two were banging. I can honestly say that no NHB show including UFC and Pride live met up to the intensity of this fight. The tension in the air was nuts. Surprisingly there were more Sanders fans there than Klitschko. I of course think there were many haters and bandwagoners there. Lennox Lewis was there and I have never heard so many boos in my life when they showed him on the jumbotron. Byrd was almost booed as much as was Toney. Corrie Sanders took some very brutal shots. The punch stats from where I was sitting seemed very accurate, but I was afraid of every haymaker that Sanders threw. There were gasps every time. It was a very good ref stoppage from my view. Corrie seemed out on his feet and seemed wobbled for the whole round. i haven't seen the video yet but man what a great fight and I will never forget it. After the broadcast, Vitali was in the ring a long time and was showing appreciation to the crowd. When he actually won, he seemed like either he didn't believe it or it didn't hit him for like 10 minutes. Merchant was swaggering around minutes before the show. Looked like he had his usual 8 martinis too early. Tommy Hearns was there and got a huge ovation. It was great. Sugar Ray Leonard got the biggest guest applause of the night. Vitali seemed very different. like he said before he did not underestimate and seemed more cautious, he wore all black and came in to the Eagles Hotl California. Just seemed to be appealing to more people. LOL I was waiting for Don King to storm the ring and get on Vitali but I didn't see it. Anyway, very good fight and it was a lot of fun live...

Toney a legend? LMFAO!

Um. Duh! Yes.

Stick to Judo.

Slick, why do you hate Vitali so much? He is just what the division needed, a big brave heavyweight who fights his heart out in every one of his fights but has enough skill and defense that he dosen't take unneccesary punishment. He may end up being the most exciting champion since Tyson.

Toney isn't a piss in the ocean as a heavy. I would beat my house that Vitali K. would knock Toney the fuck out.

Toney is a puffed up punk/diver.

Hey Aus, "stick to judo" aye? Unless you are some kind of a bad ass boxer I bet I could knock your ass out cold so fuck you. My grandpa was Mickey Walker's drinking buddy and I have been a boxing fan since I was born.

Did you watch the women's match, Holewyne vs Anani? Any opinions on that if you saw it?

Shit, I had forgotten about Commander Vander, lol. That was jumping the gun as you put it. Okay, I will correct myself by predicting that he will be be the most exciting champion since Holyfield (though not anywhere near AS exciting as Holy).

When I said that, I was thinking in terms of the most recent top fighters like Lewis, Rahman, Ruiz, Byrd, etc. You have to admit that next to those guys Vitali is the next coming of Jack Dempsey. It seems like these days there are no HW's that fight with the fire in their bellies that the smaller heavies like Holy and Tyson possessed.


Bro, a little touchy, eh? No need to get threatening and shit! Jeez!

Whether I am a bad ass boxer remains to be seen. However, I will say that I have pedigree. I grew up in a Boxing family. My dad boxed amateur (won many GG tourneys) and eventually had a dozen pro fights under his belt.

So from an early age, my brother and I have been boxing (I am now 33) boxing (and combat sports) as long as I can remember. So as I said, whether I am a bad ass boxer or not, remains to be seen, but I can guarentee you it won't be an easy time "knocking my ass out".

Regardless, it doesn't matter, I would be a Boxing fan anyway. I LOVE boxing and combat sports. Man, I remember the first fighter I ever saw on TV: Matthew Hilton!! I remember so vividly because he wore PLAID trunks!

Anyhow, my verbal jab at you was just like I would be with my training partners/buddies. No offense intended.

All the best,

Joe Silvia

Dont forget his dominating finish over an unbeating Jirov.Toney is without question the best talent wise in the div. now.He will be champ soon.

*blocks ears from all the yelling*

DAVE TIBERI did kick Toney's ass. He got fucked. Nunn was whipping his ass untill he got caught. Jones won but he didnt hurt Toney. Toney's got the chin of Tex Cobb, + he can kick some fucking ass.

James "Fats" Toney is definitely a legend at the Vegas buffet lines.

BTW, I agree with YamatoDamashi. I haven't been as entertained with a fight as I was for the Vitali/Sanders fight in a long time.

William Lamb? That name sounds familiar. Have you written any articles for any of the MA rags?

"served over 21 years with the Detroit Police Department "

You had me at "Detroit".

Joe & Ron, Billy is my bro. I'm Walter Lamb. Click on my screen name. Also, I am listed on staff at the LSS web site.

Our grandfather, William Lamb, was a sports writer for one of the NYC fishwraps in the 20's covering the boxing scene. He was a great artist and my basement walls are covered with his sketches, etc. of all the old time fighters. One of his buddies was Mickey "Toy Bulldog" Walker. My gramps was killed by a hit and run driver while he was walking home from the bar where he was drinking with Mickey Walker.

My grandpa had all these great old boxing films of the old time champs. In the 1950's my dad was an elite handball player. Jimmy Jacobs was the world handball champ and one time when he was in Detroit my dad gave all the films to Jacobs knowing he was a boxing historian. The rest is history.

Wow. What an interesting story! You should write a book!!!

I KNEW that I knew that name from somewhere. Do your Grandfather's paintings hold sentimental value? Do you sell them? Have any Jack Dempsey? ;-)

I would love to see some of the artwork.

Anyhow, anyone who worked on the Detroit PF for any period of time and lived has my respect. I bet you have some SERIOUS tales.

All the best,
Joe Silvia