I went to NO LIMITS gym...

... in Irvine yesterday regarding NAMMAE... and that is a HUGE gym!!! I felt like I was in Costco LOL.

The owners, Karen and Jim Santaniello, were really great people. Their passion for MMA goes beyond words.

I am happy I had the opportunity to meet with them and I can't wait to announce their affiliation with NAMMAE at our Press Conference November 1st. :)

Your promotion skills have no bounds.


You come around my hood and you no holla? :(


I'm sorry... no pics :(

I didn't want to go to a meeting and then bust out with my camera lol.

But here is their website www.nolimitsmma.com/

It's an awesome gym!

Heddy, I'm sorry love. I was so busy yesterday, but our headquarters for NAMMAE is in Orange Grove. I'm out here right now. :)

Awesome. Hit me up and we'll do lunch. I work in Irvine.


Card, here is one from their website.

That's not even half of their gym.

Rara, my pal might be doing a mini-doc on them. He went to take some test footage and it went really well. If you wanna hang out/help out on the production end, i'm sure he would love it; i sense you have a potential film maker in you.

LOL, you guys are cute.

It is indeed crazy big. Btw how the hell do you guys train right now? You must be like 2 miles from the fire, the amount of ash in the air there must be crazy.

... it's a really nice place.

"a huge 25,000+ square feet facility "


Foreals... I was nearly blown away.

Great Gym. When I am not in Thailand I train there.

Did you get a chance to meet Big Perm?

Master P?

Nope. I didn't get to meet Big Perm or Master P... only Julianno, Karen, and Jim. :)


want pics