I whooped Nate Diaz's ass!

This past friday at the expo... got into a little fight with Nate and spanked that ass at UFC Undisputed... It was a three round war, but using GSP I was able to knock him out, he was using Alves... It's a pretty fun game, it was my first time playing and I was a lil drunk, but a good time none the less. Both Diaz bros. were there signing autographs and were cool as hell

Did you tell Nate that you whipped his ass?

I bet he was all like, "Bro, I'll sock the fuck out of you dog...." in his distinct Nate Diazy drawl...

Nate Diaz doesn't come off that way at all in person. He's actually a really likable dude.

Yeah he was next to the video game and I was just checking it out and gave him the contoller and started playing... He would take time out between rounds to sign autographs and take photos.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I thought you meant you beat his character in the video game! I didn't know you actually played video games with Nate Diaz!

In my haste to be the first to post, I didn't read yours through completely!

Your story has become just a little bit more awesome....

ahh now you understand... i should've made it more clear, i guess.

lol I thought the same thing as TheClips but after going back and reading what you wrote, it was actually very clear. wtf is wrong with us?? lol