I will go out on a limb again.....

....and say that Travis Henry will be the 2nd best back in the AFC West this year. The Chiefs have lost lineman, and have a new QB. I think it will be hard for LJ to produce as well as he has been. Add in that the defenses in the AFC West are very good, and the Cheifs have prpbably the worst defense in the division and I think that will lead to Travis Henry being the 2nd best back in the division. Nobody can touch LT.

And finally, I think that DJ Williams will have a break out year and be the best MLB in the division. Word around the Broncos organization is he has assumed a leadership role on the team, and Jim Bates is very excited about having a player as gifted talent wise as DJ. At 6'1 and 245lbs, with a 4.45 40 I think he is set to have an amazing year. Zach Thomas flourished under Bates, and when Bates went to Green Bay Nick Barnett had an amazing season. I think that if DJ works hard (which they are saying he is) he is more athletic than either of the two mentioned LB's and he should thrive at MLB.

Note to TRJ: I am not saying that they whole team will be in the Pro Bowl, I am not sure if either of these two players will make the Pro Bowl, but I do know that they will be very good players, and both have the ability to be something special here in Denver. Especially Travis Henry. We have not had a back as talented as him here since Portis, and Henry does not have the attitude, nor does he fumble as much. I am predicting 1300-1500 yards rushing this year for Henry, and 120+ tackles for DJ.



So it has been said, so it shall happen.

Henry will be the usual 1200 yard denver back. Whether or not DJ Williams will have a good year depends on Denver's DTs.

*raises hands in victory*

I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me knock the Homer out of 303 piece by piece. He has gone from proclaiming everyone on his team is all world to a select few may or may not be 2nd best in the division.

This is not only a huge victory for the NFL forum, but for mankind as well!!!


I know, I was just gonna say did 303 just claim that a Bronco would be SECOND best? The apocalypse is upon us...

"Add in that the defenses in the AFC West are very good, and the Cheifs have prpbably the worst defense in the division"

Who is on your D-line again, and what about your safties?

303 - what would you say if I was to tell you that the AFC West is the most overated division in Football?

Would you buy that?

Govnor, everyone and their mother knows that the AFC South would own the AFC West if it came down to it!!!

Colts, Jags, Titans, Texans > Chargers, Chiefs, Broncos, Raiders imo!!!

We will get to see this year wont we? I belive the West will get more wins in the matchups then AFC south will.

VantagePoint, which division has the Super Bowl Champs?

Your division couldn't even get to the conference championship.

LOL @ the overrated AFC West!!!

Good comeback... oh wait no its not


Please note I said "overated". Not "statistically weaker".

Govnor, dont give ground to these scumbags!!!


Henry is pretty good. I liked him a lot when he was in Buffalo, and we had a shit O line when he played there. The guy is extremely tough and should excel in Denver's system.

Seriously, the AFC West now has 3 of the 5 highest-gaining RB's from the conference last year.

And unfortunately I do agree with 303 when he says that Henry is the most talented back they've had since Portis. And likewise this will be the most talented team that Henry has ever been on, with the best O-line. So I really do expect a big year from him. Sucks that the Broncos got him.

Leave it to TRJ to be his normal self and become all excited to post on one of my threads. I just cannot get use to this stalker thing. I NEVER once said that every member of the Broncos could, would, or should go to the Pro Bowl.

Travis Henry produced last year in Tennessee, they are NOT CLOSE to Denver as far as talent, or offensive lineman. I think Travis Henry will get between 1300-1500 yards. Running behind Denvers line, and with the other weapons we have on offense I think he will pass LJ as the 2nd best back in the division.

DJ played in the same system that Bates uses in college so it should not be hard to get use to the system as much as it is the new position. I think this guy is a freak as far as physical gifts, and has shown over the last couple years that if given the chance he can shine. He had a great rookie season, then moved over to the SAM and did not get as much time with Ian Gold coming back. I am excited to see how he handles being the Mike and I think he should have 120+ tackles this year.

So, are the Broncos a better team minus Al Wilson?

That's all I really want to know.

Nope. However I think the DJ can step in and do a very good job.