I will pick at least 85/100 fights correct 85%

Well you said 4 for 4 and implying that a draw at worst, so I took it as a draw or a win. Just busting your balls for no reason, sorry bro

not too mention the maidana fight I picked

oh yea

g Phone Post 3.0

What's the picks for Saturday? Does Josh get it done?

Ttt Phone Post 3.0




and I gotta go with my gut and stay away from browne Barnett for my official pick

but I will say I do like browne if I was going 51 49 at this point.

tough pick though.

maybe another pic or 2 b4 fight time

im thinking about adding siver, and or howard
but well see

haven't fully decided on those

official picks





and siver.. going al out 2nite just feels right

hot start 2nite

lets keep it rollin.

What's your pick for the co-main?



but i didnt add it to my offical picks

though about it, but was too close for me...

so left it out

lol your just looking to ride my hot streak

cant do it, not putting it in... i go with my first thoughs and what my heart says

he says to keep this baby out

but you do what you gotta do to sleep at night.... you keep it in your book, but not going in my offical book

keep it rollin baby

Yeah dude.. Great work!

long road ahead but on % so far

if not a bit higher

looking forward to the main


not sure the % on that

k lets count it boys



lol thanks..

disappointed not event in a bit.. oh well.

Great work, in

Late but in. Good picks so far OP Phone Post 3.0