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I think the mother did it. She was jealous of the attention being given to the little girl by the father.

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I like Mr Ballen. I didn’t know he did an episode on this. VU

I will watch this Ballen episode and solve it for you guys.

Leigh doesn’t match up with the partial DNA profiles pulled from the envelopes(tested in 2000 & as of.12/2021ongoing),palm print from the phone in Vallejo,palm print from a letter,prints at the stine scene,eyewitness descriptions from multiple scenes ranging from the Paul Stine scene from multiple witnesses ranging from Officer Fouke(who stopped him)from the kids in the house who witnessed, Those who do match are Gaikowski,Xenophon Anthony,and Kjell Qvale(not him).
Here’s Allen’s summary
Leigh Allen was a sick bastard who preyed on children and cried and confessed when confronted with those crimes,but not for the Zodiac ones and he was under heavy scrutiny for years and they could never charge him due to no evidence, reasons above,and the stories of Don Cheney who admitted to lying and had a grudge against Leigh for his misconduct towards his daughter
Gaikowski however in the three part cipher has his name GYKE as he was called by friends and I the cipher code GYKE translates to AUSE in the cipher Key…put it together GYKE AUSE KEY,zodiac did say his name was In the cypher,here’s a list of other evidence
Leigh does have a strong case but he never had the evidence or matched up, I really think it’s someone not on the radar.

The theory I believe is there is no Zodiac killer. They tied different murders by different people into a media creation.

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Had never heard of that one, pretty crazy. I think the most logical explanation is he was hammered and drove drunk into a nearby pond. There are google maps images from 2010 that show a car shaped object in a body of water, and it appears that particular pond was never checked out

This one time in 5th grade, I dropped a cerulean blue colored pencil off my desk. I heard it hit the floor and then poof… fucking Chris Angel himself wouldn’t have been able to find it.

Where did it go OP?

(I have a few nightmares a month about this… where did it go?)

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A monkey stole the pencil and added it to his collection of things in the air vents.
It was a bottle episode.


Can you poop without farting?


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I to lean towards that! The first lake Herman road murder,had a nearby hells angel house raided that was moving marijuana, 17 year old victim Faraday was an eagle.scoutnand got into a verbal altercation with someone dealing marijuana prior,he threatened to tell.The raccoon hunters at night…Stella Borges timeframe…

Blue rock springs,Darlene is said to have known the victim,she told Mike to not worry it was “Richard”,family was receiving calls before and after the murder not to mention the night of with just breathing on the other end,Darlene knew some sketchy folks and was “married” and a young mom but was known to have multiple male acquaintances and her husband was ok with it,she also witnessed a murder in the virgin islands I believe and it likely was that same man,she had also came into money right before…maybe tied into the marijuana dealing?

Lake berryessa the voice, description,and whole elaborate costume and weapons are not the things a prison escapee has available,however 911 dispatcher Nancy Slover and Bryan Hartnell said the voice of Gaikowski was the same they heard…however Gaikowski doesn’t match the description given by Cecelia and hartnell at all and shoe size either,if Allen committed any of the murders my guess is Lake Berryessa

Then the Paul Stine murder the various descriptions the stops by police match none,except for xenophone Anthony,so this case is really never going to be solved imo, but I always thought Kane committed one of them,Allen did berryessa,and the others no clue
The only thing is the correspondences and the same handwriting and same postage value and placement

Can I get your take on the zodiac? I’m a sf native and got heavy into reading the reports,

Yeah like the only thing tying them together is the letters.

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Wat? Im a nice guy and beloved forum bro. Hell Im even solving other members mysteries cause Im nice.

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