I will still bet on SERRA! :)


I will still bet on Matt even if he fights Menjivar. What's at stake? Email me at BZLJJ@AOL.COM!!! :)

Matt by SUB Rd. 2!!!



I'll take Menjivar.



Ok, what is at stake????

*afraid of JHR's creativity, although I am confident in Matt*

BZLJJ u will be rich, sub rd 2 for serra


Matt Serra is fucking awesome

Serra is THE SHITE

Matt will demolish Menjivar.

I am very much on the fence for that fight.

I will bet you a sparring session. I need some conditioning work and a partner. I think Menjivar will
take your boy.

Anything can happen in MMA. That's why they fight the fight!

I obviously missed something in the two days I haven't been at the Underground. Why's Gerald out, and what are the stats and views on the new guy?


O yah, serra injures all his opponents before they even get into the ring with him, o shit i mean they both had "Knee injuries".

btw i heard that there is a ivan menjivar highlight somewhere can someone tell me where i can get that?

I just hope whoever Serra fights isnt a "Track Star".

it always seems like the people he fights are "track stars" huh, and the one that wasnt, kelly dullanty, well we saw what happened to him.

I drilled w/ Matt on Monday for two hours, I gased, and he kept going. Ill put Matt against anyone. He's in a league of his own, and menjivar is F#%KED!!!!!!!!

Ron, Ill one up you, Serra, by arm lock from mount, first round.......$20-


Email me your phone #, I would like to call you sometime. BZLJJ@AOL.COM

I hope all is going well with you! Please tell Matt that I said HI! :)