I winz at WOWz

U guys are noobs. U gear is shit and you'll never seen endgame content..

I on the other hand is a winnerz:


I wonz at wowz by hitting SoC then Tab then SOc..repeat while drinking beers with my other hand

grats!  rolling that face across the keyboard takes TEH MAD SKILLZ!


(j/k nooblet, good job)

lol, you died


LOL@ Noob nyx - ur arena team can't even break 1600..

damn i did the die but i got the guy back. I killed him, all his alts, his dog and his kindergarden teacher.

A lock winning damage in AV?! You must be a freak of nature!

I wonder how many people you beat on healing in that av.

lol I did 27 and 7 in EOTS today with 227k dmg.... I was Fury spec at the time.

I might have to take some screenies tonight! :)

I one shot a Rogue last night, and got two psts wondering what happened.. Vengeance+Beserk+Avenging Wrath is what happened.

theoretically in patch 2.4 127 honor kills is like 2500 honor

it will be insane if the new honor system works out like that.

'A lock winning damage in AV?! You must be a freak of nature!'

i refer you again to my skilled tactics:

'oC then Tab then SOc..repeat while drinking beers with my other hand'

Yeah the new honor killz will make AV weekend a biggie.

Play a real game not based on overpowered classes like COD4 noob

Bah, I owned you son:


For the granpa:


'I think you faggots should post wsg screenshots, no one cares that you dotted all the npcs.'

I care very much that i took screenshot and hosted it on photobucket and then made a thread about it. Also i got some replies from other people that also care.

So there you go.


'That witty calm reply will really make nicholerae HOT for your DEAD COCK!

good job bro! '

LOl - i iz indeed cool..

oMGluk i wiinz moah:


WSG scores!!!




I'm gonna start a collection. WSG is my favorite BG now.

ouch they are nasty for WSG...


(and they aren't my scores)

oh and lol at 3 flag returnds too