I wish I didn't have a car...

...then I would have a good excuse to buy a portable system for the bus ride to work. I soooooo want to buy a Tapwave Zodiac (www.tapwave.com) and take game reviews and other videos with me on the bus ride... play games, etc. I don't really need a PDA either and already have an older one that would get everything done I need to do. A GBA is cheaper but the only time I'd really play is it is at home and what's the point in that when I have a Gamecube and spend most my game time with online pc shooters.

Ok, what I need is an excuse to buy a portable system. Thanks

Get a GBA, and then get the hookup to your GameCube. It's helpful for several GameCube games that I can think of off the top of my head. I think it's helpful for a large amount of GC games, not sure though.


you guys are no help

chicks dig it

hot damn... you just made me realize the great advantages a portable video player has -- PORTABLE PRON BABY!

dude you don't need a reason.

Get a GBA and you won't regret it - I doubt you'll find anyone who has regretted buying one.

I regret buying any consoles... I barely play compared to oline pc shooters... so I need something more than just single player games to make me buy a portable system and being able to take pron anywhere might just be what gets me going

scratch that... consoles are a necessity but I did buy a lot of games and accessories that were a waste of money