I wish this was Slygirl. (pic)

i don't wish i was her. but i wish i was there right now:) regarless of what the OG says, i like me just the way i am.

I wish I was that doona.

Damnit, she's blocking the view of the flag. Got any pics without her in the way?

I just wish she had one of these........or maybe some of these - peace

I said GOD DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my tits and body are fine. i have no problem with the way i look. this is a strange thread.

not all of you are perfect, but you don't see a "i wish this was so-and-so" thread under my name, but whatever.

SG is hotter. nuff said.

peace - skrump

thanks supporters, skrump and tapped out. i admire you saying that b/c the haters will probably give you a pretty hard time about that.

b/c of all the crap i've been getting on the graveyard shift--i'm thinkin' i'll stick w/the dayshiftas/early nightshiftas--you guys are way nicer.

i kinda think sometimes in a way, the reason why i get so much BS on the graveyard shift is b/c they might be the only people not getting laid. i say this in all probable honesty, not to toot my own horn or anything.

fuckin clown

almost poked my eyes out

no hater here, I never post on your threads, except maybe a "lol" or something, cause they're all funny.

I just wish you had an ass and some tits, if you're gonna keep posting pics....no biggy.

i would never want to join fightsport. i only wanted to go there to set them straight, but honestly, it seems to me that there is waaay more trash talkin' goin down over there, plus, it disenhartens me to see members post things like "i hate slygirl" when they don't even know me. i appreciate it, but i really don't want to be hated on anymore than i already have.

Loved the pics BTW, and dont listen to these lonely, horny ass fools. With that slammin body and a smile like yours, you have zero to worry about.

peace - skrump

That ass is rather delicious.

excuuuse me. i'm a 36C. no lie. in those pics u see, i'm not wearing a push-up bra or any bra at all for that matter--usually. all natural. maybe my ass isn't huge or anything, but that's b/c i spend about 8-10 hrs a week in the gym. i'm happy w/myself. plus, i believe i'm worth more to this forum than simply my looks at any rate. look how "small my tits are" in this pic:or this one:no tits huh? unbelievable. i'm going to do my homework now. thanks for making me feel great aaron.

Will you ever do nudes on tapout? Not even for a klondike bar? Hot stuff, keep posting, ignore the haters.

"i'm worth more to this forum than simply my looks"

Yes! Please bowl us over with your superior intellect and unsurpassed wit. We are eternally greatful that an esteemed intellect as yourself has the time to grace us poor souls with your presence

Now shut up and post more pics of yourself dammit

I'm leaning toward your theory that you have a nice rack slygirl, but I'm not totally convinced yet....