I wish this was Slygirl. (pic)

and i thought silk hated me.

well, i have no more pics today, but i will def. take some tomorrow.

i look different now anyway. i got "ghetto" hair extensions. it looks good anyway. i'll post pics tomorrow. i shouldn'ta told u guys that, you'll prolly make fun of me for that, but oh well.

see y'all tomorrow. peace.

*waves klondike bar* gets ignored by slygirl anyway.





lol @ colby!

Sly... will you marry me!?

(You should be flattered because I 120 percent against Marriage!)

large breasts are great

TTT for my first GIF ever. No where near as good as JoeytheTard but not too bad for my first try.

look at dem jugs.........

I would say I liked the way sly looks, but everytime I say something good she has a negetive reaction to my comments.

I do think she looks good, but why bother saying so.

I think you have a great bod Slygirl. I think maybe some of the haters on here are just upset that they never get laid.

who is that first girl?

Hey Aaron, put my "after" pics back in the file!

Yeah, it's been a long time since we've seen any LIBG pics. POST 'EM.

LIBG don't do pics anymore....besides, I"m fat now, you don't wanna see them

mike--what do you mean negative reaction to something positive you would have to say? i only talk smack if i get it, i really don't know what you're talkin' about cutie.

To hell with Slygirl, I wish that was ME!!! And I'm sure Joe would wish even more...


I'm betting you're not fat at all LIBG, but if you no longer do pics, I can respect that.