I won my fight (video)

Check it out, happened yesterday.


I dunno how to post the video so heres the link

right on

nice job man! i was wondering when you were gonna go for the takedown

Fight on an open mat would be a differant feeling.

You are awesome looking btw.

yea open mat would be weird.

War Useless!!!11

thanks guys!

yeah the open mat is kinda different, he kept on backing up. it would have been differnt in a ring or cage.

and yeah I didnt want to take him down right away, I wanted to work my hands a little bit and see what openins he gave me.

body punchin?

yeah rules were you can only strike to the body

Pankration right?

Congrats useless! TTT

yeah pankration

and HAHAh naw no beers this time....i snorted coke before the match though


congrats Uly, very good work

good luck in the future

Good fight man, way to go with the choke slam!

lol thanks

Good job.

Congrats man!

"yeah rules were you can only strike to the body"

It's good you told us that. I was just about to comment you should keep your hands up.

Impressive grappling as always.