I won my matches, pics w/bas,vera!

So I had a tourney in Long Beach this past weekend and I took first in both my gi and no gi division. anyways they also had a huge martial arts expo at the tourney and i took some sweet pics. check them out

My fight with Bruce Lee!

Jimmy Pedro!

Brandon Vera, Me, and My beer after my gi match

Frank Shamrock

Chung Lee... I defended his siccsor takedown quite well.

Ken HANNNNNNNNN, Bas, and Me

A bunch of Savages... HA HA HA

Well done, sir. Keep those amateurs in check.

nice weekend

What is your belt rank in Gi?

sweet pics. congrats.

Cool pics! But are you smaller than OMA?

sweet...nice job....congrats

very good! congrats!

"What is your belt rank in Gi?"

Purple Belt under Marc laimon

and yeah Im smaller than OMA, Im taller but I weigh less. I walk around at around 135 or so

Everyone is taller than OMA

Why are you trying to shove your finger into the camera?

You're going to develop a hunchback posing like that all the time!

Congrats, anyway, tho! ;)

Vera should stand next to you for all publicity photos. I always think he is a bit undersized for a HW and would probably do better at LHW. Put a little guy in the photo though and all of a sudden he looks 6'4+, lol. Cool pics, thanks for sharing. I've always thought Bas would be a hell of a character to meet.

Useless looked pretty impressive.

No pics from Magic Mountain?

WTF! Gip...

Bendy index finger!

Cool pics man.

Yo useless....are you at lahaina in that group pic? the one in torrence?

Very cool. Nice job

bill sorry I didnt bring my digi cam to magic mtn

"are you at lahaina in that group pic? the one in torrence?"

we were at back home in lahiana in carson i think

Everyone is taller than OMA"

how freakin tall is he?