I wonder how Black Friday is going to go with all these large-group robberies?

As a 35 year + veteran of Black Fridays…I don’t expect more mob robberies on a black friday. Too much traffic (both foot and car) to be doing that kind of bullshit.


I throw away my TV when it stops working but I never spend more than $500 on a TV. I don’t really care enough. I haven’t had one die in under 5/6 years. In fact I’ve actually only had 1 die and I had it like close to 10 years. The other ones I just sold when I upgraded them.

I don’t know, might be true. Just saying deep discounts on black friday are likely from manufacturer rather than the retailer putting on a fake discount %. Early in my career I use to do some data/it work with one of the largest electronics retailers and worked closely with purchasing department and those discount events are legit and like I said all deep discounts are coming from manufacturers because the retailer doesn’t have enough margins to do it.

Black friday won’t be the only day the manufacturers offer a discount though. They will do it a few times a year.

There is a knock at the Rittenhouse home door @ 4 AM

“Listen kid, I know you want to move on with your life but we need to deploy you for one final mission…”


Black Friday is an event. Plus economy really picking up thanks to Scranton Joe. Should be fun. Best enjoyed when vaccinated and wearing a mask this year.

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They’ve been increasingly pushing the envelope on what they can get away with. Who knows… We can probably expect a couple of people to get killed.

A couple people get killed every year.

That’s what I was basically implying. Imagine just going about your daily life only to get killed by being trampled to death shopping on black friday.

It’s Black Friday not a Travis Scott concert. The only issues are people fighting for the last wedding dress or last tv. It’s very safe and fun event.

all i know is i am heading out to Target to get me some reparations.

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Is that the new Jordan’s model ?

try again no thank you GIF by Kim's Convenience


When I was younger man, I lived across the street and frequented a dingy hole-in-wall but very authentic Irish pub run and frequented by a bunch of dudes from the old country. Their regulars were there every day, and they did a brisk daytime business too. I once asked them what kind of crowd they got on Saint Patrick’s Day, and almost to a man their response was “Fucked if I know. I drink 364 days a year, and that is my day off. I hate drinking with amateurs.”. Sure enough, when I stopped by on the holiday, the place was packed with Plastic Paddies, but not a single regular was present.

I suspect these smash-and-grab thieves feel the same way about Black Friday. They don’t want to have to navigate crowds of shoppers milling about. They want to get in, get their shit, and get out with a minimum of human contact. My guess is they’ll take the weekend off and get back to work stealing stuff on Monday.

Dey gon’ put the black into black friday…hard and deep…

@forumnewb i understand the sentiment 100% but hate to the see innocents suffer for it. For example, little kids who were born into this shit because of their liberal parents. (I’m referring to family members sadly)

Grab and runs traditionally have not happened on extremely busy days. The parking lots and roads are too crowded.

It’s on