I wonder if Nog's camp will come up w/ an excuse

  I love big Nog; but I can't help but think that in a few days, reports of some sort of lingering injury suffered in camp will leak out...

Well not trying to make excuses, but wasn't this fight postponed because he got another staph infection and needed surgery?

yeah... this fight really makes me want to cry..

eehh -

Stopped too early, he was getting ready to throw up a triangle. And he had a broken foot.



JT42382 -  ttt

 bumping your own thread is lame. Nog's post fight interview, he gave Cain all sorts of propers. Said Cain was beating him to the punch in exchanges.

  Didn't he do the same when he lost to Mir? And a few weeks after that, news of him being hospitalized from staph started surfacing

Mma_Gawd - yeah... this fight really makes me want to cry..

I'm calling some sort of illness. Possibly dengue fever but maybe more likely a flu in training.

Jesus. The guy gave Cain all of the respect in the world. No one could have been more respectful.

Leave the guy alone--he lost. He lost to a guy who is not known for having powerful punches or ground & pound. Maybe the guy really has taken too many punches after all this time (see Nog vs. Sapp, Nog vs. Fedor, Nog vs. Crocop in Pride)...

I'm depressed enough about this already. I don't need some NOOB to jump on the anti-Nog bandwagon right now.