I wonder what Rey says to....

I wonder what Rey says to the kids that he comes up to when hes walking to the ring.

When he sees a kid wearing his masks he comes up to them and gets face to face with them

I think thats pretty cool he goes out of his way for the kids

^ Seriously?

 rey rey knows his base...has he ever been heel in the WWE...

Is he supposed to lose on Sunday? It seems like the Rey masks are decent sellers...wouldn't have a whole lot of use for them if he takes it off.

Why dont they leave Rey alone with the mask. They mess with shit way to much.

I think what it will come down to is Bourne coming for the save and distracting Kane

Who knows what he says, but he's smart for doing it.  As was mentioned before, he's built a great connection with his fans, and he, aside from Taker is probably the only guy left in WWE who really has his own original gimmick.  He's a huge source of money with kids 12 and under, and seems to embrace the role.  He's like a modern day, Mexican luchador version of Hulk Hogan.....take your vitamins, work out, and say your prayers and you too can be 5 feet tall and 215 lbs of solid muscle mass. 

His connection with young kids is going to make it even sadder when he dies young of a steroid-induced heart attack by the age of 40.

Everyone talks about guys like Batista and HHH using, but at least they're pretty big dudes to begin with.  HHH is probably a legit 6'2 or so, and even without the juice is probably 230-240ish.  I'm not saying that it won't affect them, because it does, but at least their bodies are a little bit better built to hold that much unnecessary muscle mass.  Rey's body really isn't.  I was exaggerating when I said he was 215 lbs of solid muscle mass, but he's surely more muscular than he needs to be for his natural size. 

I thought the same thing when I saw his DVD promos.

Honestly, post-2000 he was probably one of the worst steroid abusers in the entire WWE.  Right up there with Benoit, Guerrero, and all the others.

He honestly looks disgusting.

"PS John Cena has never used steroids"

So says the wellness policy......



^  Just to be clear about Cena, even if he did at some point, I don't necessarily begrudge him for it.  If he hasn't already, there's a good chance he is now due to his latest neck injury.

Again, there's a fine line between use and abuse.

This isn't a professional sport, and besides, anyone who knows anything about wrestling knows that steroids are probably not even within the top 5 reasons of why these guys are dying.  Are they sometimes the reason?  Yes.  Are they contributing factors?  Yes.  Is it more often than not in conjunction with other factors like drug use and pre-existing health problems?  Absolutely.

He says "I am not da batman!"

LMAO @ "not da Batman"