i wonder

 in the past the ufc was a hard nut to crack, because of the roster size they are trying to maintane. im wondering with the # of events they are announcing right now will they be expanding more than just the addition of the flyweight class? up till now they were trying to keep 260 fighters. it seems with all the added shows that wont be enough. whaty do you guys think?

I dont mean supers, I mean they are adding shows like crazy. That's why they dropped the franklin vs lil nog fight. Not enough fighters. And why they called Tito to fight rashad 1 week after he beat bader. Just wonder if they will expand their rosters. Phone Post

AnthonySullivan -  They called in Tito because fighters can't stay healthy.  Davis suffered a knee injury and it was best to use Tito now while he's hot.  Machida wanted too much money (Anderso Silva level) but Dana told him to eat a dick.

If you want to keep track this is the 12th main event or title bout to fall to shit. [ Silva/Sonnen, Evans/Shogun, Edgar/Maynard 3, Velasquez/Dos Santos, Lesnar/Dos Santos, Ortiz/Nog, Jones/Evans, Aldo/Mendes, Aldo/Grispi, Johnson/Marquardt, Story/Marquardt ]

Since they're trying to keep Strikeforce separate for now there's only going to be shots on short notice for new fighters.  It seems like there's an event every two weeks (because there pretty much is) but when you look close there's not all that many spots.  Dudes are fighting only twice a year unless they take a fight not originally planned.

 I think that they are giving Tito enough rope to finally hang himself... not a push.

The guy that gets injured and pulled from a fight will get Rich Franklin... no matter the weight class as long as it is close to his weight.