I work in sales

And my boss, store owner of a franchised out appliance/hardware store, is pissed at me.

Frat warning

First off I don't work on commission, secondly I have no sales quota to reach and neither does he, his income is based on the stores sales no minimum/maximum.

Now to why he's pissed. We have a huge sale coming up next weekend and I've defered two customers to buy that weekend that were buying full kitchen appliances. I've done this in the past and have had a very high return rate. He thinks I'm warding off customers and they won't return and this and that.

I have the second highest sales for our store because of this tactic I believe, and I only do this to people who aren't in dire need. The only person with a higher sales total is the store owner lol.

Am I in the wrong here? Or is this a good sales tactic and also to add this won't effect his income because it's in the same fiscal month. Phone Post 3.0

I am a manager of a retail sales store and do this all time. Customers are appreciative when you at least make them aware of the sale and give them the opportunity to save money.

What you could do to make your boss feel more comfortable about letting people walk is get their contact info so you can touch base with them a few days before the sale to follow up. Phone Post

Not in sales, but this type thing always comes down to being good manager in my mind. If an employee is delivering then why cause them grief? Phone Post 3.0

He's not thinking about the lifetime value of those customers IMO. Be honest and straight-up and you'll increase customer loyalty.

Rip and run type tactics are part of why 'salesmen' sometimes have a bad reputation to the public.

My .02 cents. Phone Post 3.0

If they want to buy right now, like you said if they're in dire need of an appliance, then don't talk them out of it. But if they're not sure whether they're going to buy from you, obviously telling them about a sale will get them to come back. But then you should really try to seal the deal by writing them some kind of advance order for the date of the sale. That way you can have a bunch of sales lined up and you know what to order and it'll be gone as soon as it arrives.

One thing I should've have added which some of you mentioned, I have customer that come back that will only deal with me/have sent other people to come talk to me because they say I give them the best deal.

In reality I don't control the prices I just let them know when it will be the lowest.

That is something I should do to give him a piece of mind, writing down their info for a follow up Phone Post 3.0

Maybe next time u defer someone do it out of his earshot,what he doesn't know. Phone Post 3.0

the only thing you messed up was letting your boss find out.