I would also like to see Mel Gibson make a RUN 4 POTUS!

not anymore noble, but at least they have some experience with government function and policy.

trump’s lack of management skills were apparent. he was the only president with zero public office or military experience prior to serving. it should be noted as a significant shortcoming in a presidential candidate…

Even if true, how is that in any way relevant? We had philosemites for the last thirty years, how did that work out for us, and the world in general?
Bush surely was anti Afghan, almost all of them are outspoken anti something. Why is “antisemitism” such an exclusion criterion ? (rethorical question)

Mel Gibson has no chance precisely because he’s not a philosemite. In a normal world he’d have a real shot and would probably end up being a comparatively good president.

any bigotry we can keep out of leadership in government is a good thing IMO.

i mentioned in a later post, just above yours that he also has zero public service experience. bad idea IMO.

well the Trump Term wasn’t as impressive as the the TWO Terms of Obama but were they worse than the Bush Years?


no. but all the REEEEEEEEEEEing made it seem like something much worse than reality.

is mel really an anti semite, or just old school likes to used ethnic slurs for affect?

bush had a much more organized and capable administration. he had the lowest admin turnover of the last 40 years.

far worse things happened in Bush’s administration. Iraq on it’s own is enough. Of course, it was backed by almost every member of congress. This is the nature of our entire government being worthless.

sure. bush had washington insiders who knew how to run a well oiled POLITICAL organization. They didn’t get shit done. just traditional politics and power grabs.

It’s amazing to me that most people don’t even get that.

i wasn’t a fan of bush’s administration either. tbh, i haven’t been a fan of any in my lifetime. i’m just saying W’s was far more efficient.

bush was a far better manager than trump who’s style was chaotic and incompetent. it didn’t serve him well at all. i think it was his #1 shortcoming. he had zero management experience. he ran a private business. he was a dictator, not a delegator. he had some pretty decent ideas, and a moderate policy agenda but he wasn’t able to communicate or execute on either at all.

he coulda been a contender. but his ego got in the way.

I agree with a lot of what you say. i supported his entire tenure in office, but at the same time, I always said I hoped that somebody with similar ideas, but with better overall leadership qualities would come along.

Sure, he is great at rallying his side. Unfortunately, he is even better at rallying the opposition. And I don’t get how his BIGGEST supporters don’t understand this.

I get why people love him. I get why people hate him. And ultimately it is an objective truth that he can’t lead a country that is anything close to unified.

he struck a vein though. hopefully someone like desantis will step up and tap into that populist vein without the populism mentality - that what ever the public wants happens now. that’s not how a representative democracy works. the public doesn’t determine policy, they pick the people that will. we need to get back to that.

Mel is not happy with the Catholic Chirch it seems.

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Just let him make movies again. War movies.

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