I Would Like To Get to Know You!

I’ve been on here for years yet most of you are strangers more or less. I want to know you. The real you.

So grab a beer and tell me…

  1. What was your first pet? What did you name him? That must have been an awesome little doggie or fishy!!

  2. What’s your moms last name before she got married? I bet it was something silly like McGillicuddy or Bojangles!

  3. Who was your best friend in the 6th grade? I bet he was a wacky character!!

  4. Your dad - what was his hometown? I bet he grew up in some cool little town. Tell me about it.

  5. What’s your favorite movie!! I mean gee, I’d love to have an OG movie night!!

  6. Where did you meet your wife or fiancé!! Did you have butterflies or what?

  7. What color and model was your first car?? I bet you had a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Prove me wrong and post pics!!

  8. What’s your favorite vacation spot?? Hawaii? Disneyland?!

  9. Tell me about your grandparents. For example mine were Juan and Lupita and they are so special!’

  10. Tell me about your oldest sibling!! I bet his name is Tony and he likes working on cars!!


I’m a cunt.


LOL. nice try!

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First pet was a golden retriever. Got him when i was 5 and he got hit by a car when i was 16. The ol fucker used to roam around the neighborhood at night and bring home all sorts of stuff. Hed bring home peoples dishes all the time and would always drag an old deer carcass home during hunting season.
When i was 9 we moved across town and one day our old neighbors called us and said our dog was at thier house. I have no idea how he found his way over there. It was at least 5 or 6 miles away.

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Laziest password recovery hacker ever.


I’d like to get to know you all. What is…

The name of your first pet
The first elementary school you went to
The first street you lived on
Your favorite teacher
Mother’s maiden name
If your social security number was your bank account, how rich would you be

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who is your daddy and what does he do


Cartoon Fish GIF by Luis Ricardo

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It’s true, he’s a cunt. That’s all you need to know.

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It’s good to have confirmation.