I would love to see Belfort vs Shogun at 205.

What about u? How would it play out? Phone Post

Vitor fighting Shogun is worse then Vera fighting SHogun.

Sorry to say but have you looked at his record at 205. he again as i said for the 100th time was a dud at 205. His hype was worse then veras. Vera moved down to 205 and sucked but VItor didnt do much and still was horrible at 205. Hios biggest win at 205 was a fluke victory over Randy in a divison that was second tier compared to Pride.

H ewas basiclly. 0-4 against UFC top 10 LHWs and couldnt even make it past AO the LHW gatekeeper of Pride to face any top comp. 

Its funny because I guess Vitors hype from his vidoes in the 90s and early 2000s are still in effect to his hype.

Valid argument ^^

Why don't we make it a 195 catchweight. Vitor is undefeated at 195. Phone Post