"I would never let a white boy beat me. Never."

 - Bernard Hopkins

 May not be a bad guy... but he is a racist... and today he is a loser.

Oh jeez. Leave it to the OG/UG to justify any and every dispicable act, ever.

Well at least Bernard doesn't have that problem. He has no problem admitting it, or proclaiming it to the world. And he can always count on his defenders, with no fear of repercussion.

But let's not get into that. He made his statement so we get to rip on him today.

Bernard Hopkins being a racist is besides the point.

He was wrong in his prediction, so we're allowed to make fun of him.

He deserves to be ridiculed.

 I have a black friend that is famous for walking up to a group of girls at a bar or whatever and saying, "ya'll niggas tryna fuck?"

LOnL!!!! I cant get enough of it. He is soul brotha #1 at Tul$a Top Team

Honestly, you pussy's need to get over that comment......Hopkins did great things with his life considering what he has gone through, nigger!


-OMA (tm)



Who cares b-hop is an ex-con who just got beat by a WHITE BOY, this turd will be smokoing crack soon and will be found in some hole in philly bloated

[quote]Ray Jackson - 

 A lot of us are racist in our way...and don't even know it, or can't admit it to ourselves.


i feel ya.

"He deserves to be ridiculed."

I agree. I"m from Philly and I used to like him before that came out of his mouth. Now he's eating his own words. Whiteboys aren't so soft after all.

Calzaghe would never let a black boy beat him. Never.

Hopkins CANT be racist! he's a minority... DUH!

didn't yall know that shit only works one way? jesse jackson told me so...

"I would never let a black boy beat me, never."

So it would be fine if a white boxer said this? Or would it be national news, complete loss of sponcers, and maybe a ban from the sport?

The cracker sent him back to the hood.

It was all hype man, even bernard said it, he would never let a white boy beat him?? but he would let a white boy train him,

Bernard and Calzaghe went out after the slapfest and had a beer together with their checks. Nobody really won that boring snoozfest.

Slap, clinch, hold. The only exciting thing was Benard knocking Joe on his ass in the 1st

Ray Jackson - 

 I'll never buy the fact that OMA has a black friend without photographic evidence.