I would NOT buy a HOUSE Right Now

Sure ya but that has literally 0 to do with this thread or the OP.

You said buying a house with all cash is top 1% stuff. It’s clearly not.

Sorry you got offended.

The advice in the article is 1% stuff, the advice in the article is to only buy houses with cash. That’s 1% shit.

We aren’t talking about buying houses with equity from a previous mortgage. Just admit you didn’t read the article when you replied to me, stop being a dick.

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Have a Snickers bro.

that HARVARD wisdom gave me a good chuckle…I’m sure the Average NO $$$ SAVED non-HARVARD Educated peasant can scrounge up an easy $200–to—$500K to pay for some OVERPRICED hovel

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I seem to remember that shortly after I purchased the LUXURY townHOME at the HISTORIC MARKET BOTTOM of 2011 that Hedgefunds SMARTLY followed my lead and began buying homes that the HATERS missed out on…

could those same HEDGE FUNDS now be UNLOADING those properties?

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Home with zero bedrooms listed as ‘worst house on the best block’ in San Francisco sells for $1.97m

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Buying the worst house on a nice block is usually not a bad thing
Paying 600k over asking is fucking insane though

It says no bedroom but at just over 2000 square feet I’m sure you could renovate it anyway you want it

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lol so you live with your parents? HAHAHAHAH this says so much! what a cuck~

but wait! those are all “social democratic” countries?


you better be getting a deep discount to pay for a house with cash. you are way better off investing that money.

Rules like that are overly simplified to save impulsive people from themselves. like dave ramsey saying no credit cards. credit cards are GREAT for people who are disciplined.

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