“I Wouldn’t Give You the Steam Off of My Piss” - Bisping

Paul challenged Bisping to get licensed and that they can fight. Following this, ‘The Count’ received confirmation from multiple commissions that they would sanction him, despite having one eye. The 43-year-old has even posted videos to social media of officials confirming that they will license him versus Paul.

Following this, the YouTuber-turned-boxer then challenged Bisping to prove he’s not under UFC contract. The former middleweight champion retired in 2018 as a member of the promotion’s active roster. The UFC normally doesn’t allow fighters under contract to compete in boxing, although they did allow Ben Askren to box Paul in 2021.
Michael Bisping has now taken to Twitter to shoot down Jake Paul’s request to prove he’s not under contract. The former champion noted how every time he accepts a challenge, another one springs up. He then told Paul to fight Anderson Silva, a fight that Bisping alleges has been offered to the 25-year-old.

“Jake The Pretender Paul [@jakepaul] first it was fight me, then was show me you can get licensed and now it’s show me you’re not under contract. Mate I wouldn’t give you the steam off my piss. Just accept the Anderson Silva fight which I KNOW for a fact has been offered. Jake???”

While it appeared that Michael Bisping and Jake Paul have been getting closer to fighting, this likely signals an end to those talks.

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He’d spit on him though


Sounds like someone is chicken.

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At this point Anderson will outclass and KO Paul


Challenging a guy that’s retired, blind in one eye, who recently had total knee replacement surgery is a gutless dog act.
Fight Silva or GTFO


Bisping should not be gambling on losing his one good eye.Fighting should not even be considered if he is not broke.


Some people are born with one working eye. Are you saying they shouldnt compete in combat sports?

It’s cowardly but still a smart move to tuck by Bisping. Jake has dynamite in his hands and there’s a real chance he could take out Bisping’s one working eye.

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Bisping isn’t legally able to fight this grifter even if he wanted to.
speaking of grifters, why doesn’t he challenge Cerrone?
that cunt’ll get beat up for a new dirt bike.
btw talk shit on Bisping for not fighting Paul, but he has something that Jake Paul and Cerrone can only dream of, a UFC world championship belt.


The amount of stupid to call bisping cowardly for not taking this fight lol, skill for skill he’d beat Paul but to take this fight and risk having more permanent damage is stupid, anything can happen in a fight.
It’s more cowardly for Paul to call out bisping who has one functioning eye. How this doesn’t register to people really show their intelligence


Jake is simply using Bisping to keep his name in the media. He knows damn well this fight will never happen.


Paul knock out Bisping. Otherwise, Bisping accepts the money. “I’m afraid but here, fight my friend Anderson.”


He’d spit in his mouth though.

Bisping has got one eyeball. I’ve no doubt he would hammer Paul but it’s not worth the risk.