I would've knocked that cunt through the walls


I’m embarrassed as a white person. Any black person watching that, male or female, is laughing at us.

Step in the mud, ruin the carpet

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I’m not into the whole equal rights and lefts (punching women) but a good smack across the face with a stern “back the fuck up” would work here. Until she murdered him in his sleep but it would buy him a few moments of peace.

That chick isn’t even black, she has that cringey English accent and looks hopped up with some Asian.

The OG lol


I’ve been with crazier than that…

Didn’t some OGer go down to Florida to be with this girl and it didnt work out and he came back? There was a big thread about it.

Exactly. Reverse coal burning.

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“She isn’t even black?” What are you Ray Charles? She’s black as fuck.

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Reddit already locked the comments after 9 hours.

Perhaps you missed the third post in the thread:

Yeah I don’t think it’s race related, LOL. Women be crazy

No you fucking idiot. The Aphorist said the girl in the OP wasn’t black when she’s clearly black as tar.

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…and they procreated. God fucking damn…the wrong people are breeding and humanity is utterly fucked! smdh!

She is so mentally ill she might as well be euthanized, she is fucking broken.

No Way Smh GIF

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On one hand I feel bad for him, on the other hand that dude is a bitch ni66a.

Duality of life i guess.

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“I beg you, please stop”???

Grow a set dude!!!

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liberal wants to show how un-racist he is
marries an african american woman
gets abused

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Who would have thought that Bear Grylls’ alpha was a woman