IA Muay Thai Classic-Special Guest

Press Release:

RoundKick Promotions presents "RoundKick Rumble Muay Thai Classic". Two nights of Muay Thai fights at the 7 Flags Event Center in Clive on May 12 & 13.

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and is quickly becoming a strongly followed extreme fighting sport in the United States as well as world wide!
Muay Thai has rapidly gained the interest of fighters and fans alike because of the intensity inside the ring and the expanded arsenal allowed. Muay Thai is
the most extreme of stand up arts and allows powerful shin kicks, rib breaking knees, and devastating elbows to the entire body including the legs, arms,
torso, and head. (Some states have modified the use of knees and elbows to the body only, and does not include the head). Clinching and throws are also
strongly trained by Muay Thai fighters due to their ability to wear down their opponents faster. Muay Thai has become the most respected combative art for
stand up training among MMA fighters participating in the UFC and other ultimate fighting events.

Muay Thai is trained by both men and women and this event will showcase 8 lady fighters and 16 male fighters as they battle it out for their right to wear this event belt and earn the title in their weight division. Saturday night's event
will also highlight several local MMA fighters anxious to test their stand up training in the ring instead of the cage.

Fighters from across the US and Canada will be traveling to Des Moines to compete in this annual Midwest Muay Thai Classic. Fighters are traveling from TN, TX, VA, WI, MN, IL, NE, WA, OH, just to name a few, and of course, IA.

Tickets are available at Nutrisport on 100th and Swanson in Clive. Additional
information can be obtained through the event's website, www,roundkickrumble,com

For other information, please call RoundKick Promotions at 712.792.8178 or

This Muay Thai Event will also have a VERY SPECIAL GUEST!!!!! Details are being finalized and will be announced later today or tomorrow!!

RoundKick Promotions is excited to announce Rich "Ace" Franklin will be attending their upcoming event, RoundKick Rumble Muay Thai Classic on May 12 & 13 at 7 Flags in Clive.

Rich "Ace" Franklin will be in the house on Friday and Saturday nights for photos, autographs and will have some of his apparel on hand. Also joining him will be Tim Silvia, for those of you that were unable to make it to the TFC's Ground & Pound last weekend, other guests may be joining them and will be announced as soon as details are finalized.

Rich will also be conducting a seminar on Saturday morning for those of you interested. Pricing, time, and location will be announced once it is all finalized.

Tickets for the Muay Thai Classic are available at Nutrisport on 100th & Swanson, across from Betts Cadillac- home of the Hummers!
General Admission seats for one night is $25, or both nights for $40. Ringside table seats are $45 for one night or both nights for $80. Tables will be seat 8 people and full tables can be purchased.

Sounds great...I'd love to attend the seminar!

ttt for a pammy and pete! i will be there for the seminar too!

anyone interested in the mma seminar needs to send an email to pete or call him to reserve a spot. we are going to limit the attendance to make sure the seminar doest get too big to be enjoyable and learn things. his email is pete @ teamroundkick. com (Do I have to do the spaces thing on here too???) or call his cell 712.304.0457
we'll have the location, time, and price figured out by early next week.

bummer. wish we coulda gotten on the card.

Vengance.... Pete said he talked to Neal. Neal said everyone already had plans or it was too late to get things lined up. He is going to try to get some of your gym on our next event though.

Warfrog............ What does the "ttt" mean? i see it on a lot of threads and sometimes it's all by itself, just curious.

oh i know Pammy. We had some date change son a show here and it messed everything up. And for the openings there still were, im not in figthing shape to make weight. It would be a fun event ot take part in whenever we can.

I hope it all goes well for you guys.!!


It will be fun to have you and your team fight sometime at another event! It's always fun to have fighters come in from other states! None of our events yet have been local people only, but then we also need to pull from further out due to the limited Muay Thai trainers in the midwest. This "Classic" will be an annual event, and I think next year we will see even more more experienced fighters on it, probably a couple more brackets. It will build into a very well known event for fighters and spectators! :-))


TTT for all these Iowa events recently!

TTT means To The Top. which is where you want your thread so people can read it!

ttt for ACE!

I got the radio commercial back tonight, I'll upload it to the website for anyone that doesnt pick it up on Lazer. It turned out good. I'm glad I waited now to finish it because we were able to get something in there about Franklin.

The fights Pete has lined up are going to be fantastic!! I think they will all go the distance. I am anxious to see the brackets, because they are all going to be awesome!! Good experience!!!