Iain Hume (Barnsley and CNMT) skull crack

Things are not looking good for Canadian International and Barnsley striker Hume, after this brutal elbow.


Apparently TFC was considering him for the DP role. Certainly that won't be the case now.

Hope he has a speedy recovery, but it doesn't sound good.

video is gone

So it is. I can't seem to find an alternate either. Anyway, his skull if fractured and he has tubes sticking out of his head. Won't play again this year, or next probably.

sounds horrific. I heard Morgan didn't even get a red for the challenge either, even though Hume had told the ref he had been challenging with his elbows the whole match

Terrible quality but here is a clip of it.


That's borderline criminal

Thanks for posting the vid, grizz632.

Jesus. Wait to see what kind of suspension is handed down

Things aren't sounding good for him. They released him a week ago but he has been readmitted to hospital.

Holy crap, check out the bloody scar!


Here is a still for those that don't want to watch the vid.


Great article on his road to recovery. What a scar, Jesus.


That is an unbelievable scar. Good to see him back though