Iamhe prediction thread

Sooooo Hold UCO or sell??

I have. The market will go UP and DOWN…there will be BULL markets and BEAR Markets…all part of the NATURAL BOOM/BUST cycles perhaps somewhat influenced by wingNUT Euphoria and Negativity

Don’t Try to TIME the Market…Play the LONG Game, DCA INVEST and SNOWBALL the DIVIDENDS is how WEALTH is created for the AVERAGE peasant

Culivate a Simple Living Constitution and FREE yourself from LIBERAL Spending CONsumer Addiction like buying MULTIPLE A$$AULT GUN$, PELOTON$, and other CONsumer FlimFlam and then you can be a REAL CONSERVATIVE BIG WIN like me

Soros just sold all of his OXY so I’m guessing no stop at $200. Economy will be so bad by February there won’t be any demand imo

I can and I DO live in florida

if(canSeeFuture && livesInFlorida)

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Been here for 20 years and can confidently say that IamHe is the greatest financial forecaster this forum has ever seen.

We’re lucky to have him and it’s enjoyable to see how insecure he makes the impostures feel.

I’m sure he’s done fine elsewhere, tho


One word:


Pumping shitcoins?

Yea, I’ve seen a few. I think SHIB, DOGE, at least one other I’ve never heard of.

When is the next stock smash, and how low until the next 20% rebound.