Ian "The Machine" Freeman

just read a thread on the sherdog forums about the machine, and i couldn't believe the amount of hate for this fighter.

IMO this guy is great!

A couple of the comments include:

"Mir would kill freeman in a rematch, his win was a fluke" Are you talking about the same fight?

"Veron white dominated the entire match" although i disagree with this comment, that might be because freeman was training to fight shammy, and was told he'd be fighting a southpaw like a week before the fight!

You might be wondering why im posting this on the ug rather than sherdog, i was just wondering what you guys think of the machine, and if this hate for the brit plagues this forum too!



As with most people, some like him and some don't. He seems well liked on this forum, though :-)

Maybe a lot of those guys whom Ian has thrown out of
bars and kicked their arses on the way out post over
there. I've never seen any hate for Ian here, and
rightly so. He seems like a decent guy, always fights
hard, and seems to treat everyone quite well (unless,
of course, you are acting a fool in one of his bars).

ttt for Ian.



No plagues here Goosey, I like him too!  :-)

the machine is a legend and an english hero

Ian's a good man.

Much respect to him....

Whilst Frank Mir may be a submision wizard, he isnt exactly setting the UFC alight.

Based on Ian and Franks last fight and Franks last fight with Simms, I see NO reason why it wouldnt go exactly the same way again.

Freeman is just a bad match for Mir. No need to hate

Freeman is awesome!

Shit, he's one of my favorite fighters!

Ian Freeman is a Top twenty MMA Heavyweight.

I have always liked Ian and after reading his book like him even more.

He's a stand-up guy and doesn't deserve BS from anyone.

theres an article with ian in this months uk edition of muscle and fitness


freeman v cabbage freeman v liddell.freeman v tito
all wins for the mackem

well said skip. i agree 100%.

Ian's a great guy...much respect

the barreto fight is a thing of beauty

As a friend of Ians' I was going to jump in on that thread on the Sherdog forum (my avatar is of Ian) but the thread quickly deteriorated into a British vs. Irish ethnic slur fest. It's still going on if anyone wants to waste their time reading it...

Ian is an awesome guy, a true gentleman,and a great athlete. Considering how late in his career he started professional fighting I think his accomplishments are inspiring.

Of course Ian now has his owm fight promotion, his own gym, he's branching out into TV work, and a brand new edition of his autobiography has come out. I'd say he's doing very well for himself.

I'm hoping if Mir wins the HW title Ian will re-emerge and challenge Frank.