Ian "The Machine" Freeman




One of the many reasons the sherdog forum sux!

TTT for the Machine!


wow, thanks for the great responses guys! ttt for the machine!

ok to all these prks on sherdog firstly ian is far from a b class fighter,secondly ians retired,thirdly all these pricks who are slating him saying hes shite go and train with him,or tell him to his face.....you wont because you are cowards,ians trained with the best in the world,which became exteremely expensive,and the money he was getting paid wasnt worth what he was shelling out in going to america training.ian also has excellent subs,something that none of these pricks who are slating him even know,he basically prefers to bash peoples heads in{gnp],ian also developed an ilness which effected his stamina,cardio and strength.any one who says hes shit is a fukn moron.and doesnt know shit,when hes fit and in shape hes got the best subs ive ever encountered,hardest hitter and fitter than any one i know.ians illness is m.e.or something of a similar nature.i could count on 1 hand the amount of times ive been submitted in the gym in the last 2 year,since i stopped training with ian,usually by something ive done by mistake and getting caught,by people who i usually tap every time i train.ian used to submit me every time we trained,id catch up,get used to what he was catching me with, he wouldnt submit me but would beast me,then hed go to america,for a few weeks and come back and submit my arse again and again.....etc,it boils my piss when people slate his fighting abilities.

Ian "The Machine" Freeman delivered a classic beatdown on Mir. I would have liked to see him fight Ken Shamrock, maybe that can still happen someday if Freeman returns to MMA. Hope he is doing well.

Skip Hall, telling it how it is. Much respect to you, sir.

Ian Freeman is a gent and a great man. I will never forget the beatdown he laid on Frank Mir, or the ease with which he toyed with Barretto.

Just ordered his new book on the UK version of amazon.com...

Ian Freeman is an awesome fighter to watch and seems like a great guy.He actually answered a thread of mine a year or so back.

Im Irish and train in MMA, and Ian Freeman is in my opinion an excellent fighter, after all he rose to the top ranks in the MMA world, proof enough.

Dont read that thread and think we are all the same.
Have a read of PaddyIrishMan's (me) reply for the opinion of real Irish MMA fans opinions re: Freeman



vern won the first 2 rounds. ian won 3rd. draw was unfair, but not the worst descision ever...

Skip Hall is unquestionably correct.

the draw was a fair decision,i even thought ian nicked it through landing the heavier blows,vernon wouldnt have got through 2 rounds if ian was fit,and didnt have health problems leading up 2 the fight!

gotta say the white fight is my least favorite freeman fight (that ive seen) vernon spent too much time in the crash test position to win that one but freeman couldnt really get anything going either... loved every second of the rest of the machines fights though, win or lose. i'd treat him to a pint at the reagle beagle any day.