Ian 'The Machine' Freeman is back from retirement and will be fighting against Cage Rage LHW Champion Melvin Manhoef!

The fight will take place in Cage Rage's debut production at Wembley Arena, London on 1st July.


also on the card Tank Abbott is fighting Amokrane 'Kaine' Sabat

Curtis Stout x Cyborg

The highly anticipated British featherweight title rematch between:

Robbie Olivier x Brad Picket

Dave Legino x Mark Epstein

 American sumo Henry 'Sentoro' Miller will be facing a fellow North Eastener (UK) Robbert 'Buzz' Berry

Daijiro Matsui x Zelg Galesic

Chris bacon x Andy Costello

Mark Walder x Eddie Ruiz

Darren Geisha x David Bray

Ticket call Webley Box office 0870 060 0870 and buy me a ticket please!



Rough em up Boss!

TTT for Tank Abbott on the card.


that'll be a fun fight.

good luck!

Is this real?

Good to see him back. Too tough of a fight straight out of retirement, though. Manhoef? Could be a short comeback.

Yes its real Ian e-mailed me the flyer for this event (as im sure he did for most english mma fans). I would put it up but I cant use the editor properly to use an image from my computer. sorry. Checked cagerage.tv but as usuall the info is not updated yet on there (there getting a new site soon I believe).

I don't see how Manhoef can cut to 185 for the Heroes GP as was rumored. He's big and ripped at 205.

about the comment on Ian not deserving the title shot. He has done more for english MMA than any fighter IMO and was the HW champ until he retired and handed in the belt.

However; it wont be a title shot it will be at 96kg (instead of 93kg for LHW) and is a superbout but non-title.

Even heavier hitting

TTT for 'The Machine' (original(in my eyes) and best!)

Man I wish I could see this event

only a plane trip away, unless you start swimming ;-)

cool, hope he stays healthy.

Yeah Ian  - kick some major booty! lm

Ian is the shit.

and thats a good card.

Wow, Ian has some big brass balls for taking this one - good luck Machine!

Great to see Ian fighting again.

Really starting to like Cage Rage the fights they are putting together.

Thats a great card