Ian The Machine VS Antony Rea

Ian Freeman vs Antony Rea

This bout should happen in the UFC,WEF,or Pride soon, if the Promotion companys dare to have the most action packed fight ever at 205 lbs.

I know both fighters very well and If there is one thing I know it is how to match up bouts to make historic fights and bouts that are still talked about on a daily basis.

Jamie Levine

I have no prob with Jamie, we should not judge anyone on here unless we were directly involved with the entire processes in question or personally invested in it.

I would love to see this fight. Actually, I am a big fan of Antony's so Antony VS anyone would get my interest LOL.

jamie, nice to see you back!

Ian, contact me if you want this fight to happen.
The rest of the UG should sound off for this fight.
Zuffa make it happen!



that would be a great fight. i think rea would win on the feet.

Welcome back scum bag.

This is Jaime's once again tried tactic of testing the waters as far as name recognition goes. People that conduct business like this scum should be banned from this site. Jaime is the epitomy of bad for the sport.

thanks for the kind words guys.

bignightmare, what on earth are you talking about?
cant you read the title or the text of the thread?

my business is my business not yours and maybe you should be banned from this site for your bad business.

I dont screw everyone around me Jaime. That then becomes everyone in this sports business. You are pathetic. Its like OJ thinking because he is free to play golf that he did not kill his wife. You are scum Jaime and we all know it.

please do tell what you all know, you really dont even have a clue about anything about me.

facts facts facts.

I bet I could start a thread and tell the UG something very bad about you and get a hundred people to jump on the bash thread and you would have a bad rep just like what happened to me.
then after months of bashing you over and over and over you would have someone just like you come on here and post your post just like you did today to me and well I think you get it now.
So next time you fell like bashing someone think about If you would like it to happen to you. Who ever you are?

Jamie Levine

walks like a duck talks like a duck is a Frog? I dont think so dude.

Ian vs Vlady @ 205 would be a GREAT matchup!!