Ibiza zombie attack!!

http://www.alphatrendz.com/man-cave/cctv-footage-captures-savage-cannibal-attack-on-british-dj/ Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post 3.0

He's got a face for radio.

Seems off to me Phone Post 3.0


GelderdEnd - Seems off to me Phone Post 3.0
Yeah zero chance the guy biting a dude in the face doesn't get taken into custody but who the fuck knows anymore Phone Post 3.0

Bitch has some weak jitz. Based on the way that guy defends himself from a face biting, there is no way that guy is a DJ from anywhere in the UK. You'd never get to your second drop if you allowed the dude trying to bite your face to get on top of ya.

ISIS propaganda. X Phone Post 3.0