IBJJF Black Belt Pro - today!

not quite the lineup they touted originally but still some great matchups we wouldnt normally see thanks to combining weight classes.

Up to 64 kg (141lb):
Caio Terra
Koji Shibamoto
Laercio Fernandes
Daniel Beleza G. de Andrade
Rafael Freitas
First place Long Beach Fall rooster division
First place Long Beach Fall light-feather division

Up to 76 kg (167.5lb):
Leandro Pereira do Nascimento
Lucas Alves Lepri
Samir José Chantre Dahás
Augusto Lopes Mendes
Osvaldo Moizinho
First place Long Beach Fall feather division
First place Long Beach Fall light division

Up to 88.3kg (194.6lb):
Otavio Ferreira de Sousa
Rômulo Claudio Barral
Rafael Monteiro Barbosa
Bruno Augusto Togni Antunes
Vitor Henrique Silva Oliveira
André Luiz Leite Galvão
First place Long Beach Fall middle division
First place Long Beach Fall medium-heavy division

Over 88.3 kg (over 194.6lb):
Gustavo dos Santos Pires
Bruno Bastos Cruz
Ricardo Ferreira Evangelista
Roberto Camargo de Alencar
Stephen Hall
First place Long Beach Fall heavy division
First place Long Beach Fall super-heavy division
First place Long Beach Fall ultra-heavy division

Notable Black Belts competing in the Long Beach Fall Open:
Samuel Braga
Megaton Dias
DJ Jackson
Eduardo Telles

there may be a few others i overlooked.

Starts at 6pm ET/3pm PT - Free on IBJJFTV.COM.
looks like there will be 2 mats and the main broadcast. Should work on iphones/tablet (main feed only)

Really looking forward to the 88kg weigh class, especially with DJ potentially in the mix. DJ x Galvao could rival Rodolfo-Buchecha.

I will be there. Look for the giant grey blob in the background Phone Post

Ttt ill be watching Phone Post

Came here to see if this had been posted. Looking forward to it.

Anyone know if there are set brackets or how the matches are set up?

Isn't Oli Geddes going..? Phone Post

Just checked, he is. Last minute invite. Phone Post

Cool! Thanks for the heads up, didn't know it was today. Phone Post

Damn no more cobrinha?? Would have liked to see him possibly deal with both Lo's spider guard and his bullfighter passes Phone Post

We will be posting results on our Facebook and Twitter pages if you aren't able to watch.



wow Romulo is on a tear right now... killin this dude Phone Post

oli got subbed by lepri in first match

wow romulo made that look easy vs souza. up 9-2 and finished with an arm bar


Light Feather:
Laercio Fernandes x Caio Terra

Leandro Lo x Lucas Lepri

Medium Heavy:
Andre Galvao x Romulo Barral

Ultra Heavy:
Tussa x Bruno Bastos

Galvao lost a decision to barral. Barral hit two beautiful spider guard sweeps.

Tussa did a gentlemans agreement with Bastos and they didn't have a match

Terra won on advantages if I remember right. Phone Post


Lo beat lepri by advantage also Phone Post

Better or worse than metamoris? Production wise, matches, etc? Phone Post

Who beat dj? Phone Post

Just reminded me of a normal budovideos HD stream tbh

Although I thought Rener was entertaining on the metamoris feed; I prefer Shawn Williams and jake.

Metamoris match format made for some more entertaining moments... I think future
it would be cool if IBJJF went with sub $$ bonuses in these "pro" formats for more guys going for the sub Phone Post

amc6825 - 

Who beat dj? Phone Post

He didn't show up.