IBM to aquire ISS

Interesting deal

Do you think this will help ISS as a security company or hurt them due to even more corporate overhead and downsizing?

Saw this in the morning. I know that IBM is a slow moving beast so it'll be big changes for ISS.

my younger brother used to work for ISS.

Does Toki still?

It's not cheap to hire a company to run IDS.


I'm guessing IBM will try to convert ISS products to services, and sell it through their consulting/services (PWC), and will fuck it up royally. No ROI here.

ibm has a chunk of the 10 billion dollar GM contract.


The fraction of that that will be invested into IT Security @ GM is practically none, since the gist of GM's financial woes has nothing to do with IT.

I doubt IBM would buy ISS for $1.2B and hope GM subsidizes it.