ibuprofen: b4 or after practice?

been popping them after practice from time to time, but was suggested i take b4? anybody else pop the advil?

suck it up, IMO.

heh. got a bottle right here next to me.

i take 4 with beer after i shower.

shit works.

just took 3. feel a bit better now. eeesh...

I heard that every time you take aspirin and the like you bleed internally.  I can't remember where I heard that though.  Maybe some health talk show.  I would stay away from it unless you really need it.

eh ibuprofen or naproxen is safe, stay away from da aspirin cuz da fucka permanently inhibit da platelet coagulations. make you bleed choke braddahs.

Pain relievers/pills are like going in dry & rape ur kidneys=only if necessary.

aw sheet.

mayhemmonkey, you thinkin about longterm NSAID use, dat means everyday for 20 years kinda shit, if you stay healthy ibuprofen as needed for pain no cause any kidney/liver damgae.

fctv, always use um afta practice, pain is da bodys way of telling you when to stop, unless you get one boto in da ass

Take them after. If you take them before, you are only masking injuries. pain is your body telling you something is wrong.

all drugs have side effects. so use them sparingly if at all.

"What about glucoscamine and fish oil?"

Excellent for you. I think, when Swift said drugs he means painkillers. Glucosamine is found within your body. Fish oils contain essential fats. Those aren't drugs, per say. They are supplements. I could be wrong, though.

Asprin, like Rugged Mahu saids thins your blood. That's why it helps with heart attacks -- improves circulation.

i am learning a lot on this topic.  

Fish oil and glucosimine are great.

Fish oil is good in stopping inflammation in the body and a whole lot of other functions. your brain,ligaments,skin eyes need good fats. make sure the fish oil is free of toxins. the drug store type usually are not good. The good ones from Norway will state that it is mercury and toxin free.

Anything made by pharmaceutical companies have side effects. Just listen to TV commercials about drugs they are trying to push. the law requires them to list the side effects it may include and not limited to.

Doctors and pharmacys know that the drugs they prescibe ALL have side effects. A lot of people don't read the label. Sometimes a person needs to take two other drugs to counter the side effects of the one original prescription. It's a vicious cycle. Drugs don't heal they just mask symptoms.

The best way is the natural way.

"pain is your body telling you something is wrong."

so that's what it's been telling me all these years? damn

You can take fish oil and glucosamine & chondroitin sulfate & MSM (I do), but I don't think it does anything for pain relief. It's to help lubricate and regenerate joint tissue and all the benefits of fish oil (e.g. Good for the heart, etc).

Pain = take it easy

Injury = swelling = pain = movement compensation/dysfunction = more injury = more swelling = more pain....

NSAID's (ibu/advil) are good tools to help relieve swelling/pain. Rule of thumb is "everything in moderation".

Class dismissed....

Here's what a friend who's a RN told me. The 800mg ibubrofein that you need a prescription for is not equal to (4) 200mg that you get OTC. There are buffers in the 200mg so you don't get the exact same effect as one big 800mg but it's close. I think Dr's prescribe 800mg every 8 hrs for up to 2 weeks. I know that's a lot but I've done the (4) 200's every 8 hrs for a few days after injury and it seems to have helped. That in addition to the usual R.I.C.E. regimen. I just started taking fish oil about 3 weeks ago after hearing about all its benefits. I think it's similar to gloc/cong/MSM in that you gotta take it for a month or two before you notice any effect. Here's a link to the stuff I'm taking and an explanation of what it does: http://www.t-nation.com/readArticle.do?id=910074

I've had athletic trainers tell me acetaminophen (aspirin) before exercise and ibuprofen (advil) after... been following that for years but I kind of forget the reasoning behind it...

just throwing this out there...

Some info from a friend of mine.....

Flax seed oil contain an Omega-3 fatty acid that is 14 carbons long. 
The body cannot use it.  The body can convert about 4% of this to the
20 carbon Omega-3 used by humans. 

   Flax is a useless way to try to getOmega-3 fats. 

You want fish oil that has the highest % of EPA and the
lowest of DHA.  The one I use has 950mg of EPA and 160mg of DHA.  The
brand is Nordic Naturals EPA.  It is expensive but you only need to
take a couple caps a day.  You can buy it at Whole Foods type stores. 
You can buy it on the internet for about $22 a bottle of 60 caps.  Two
caps a day is all you need to take because the EPA level is so high.

 Now the dork at GNC may tell you different lol but just do wot I do and run them in circles with dumb questions for kicks.. "oh so how much can you bench?" lol