ICC Short vs Sherk results

Just got back from the ICC. Exciting night, not one fight went out of the 1st round.

Fight 1
Big C vs Dennis Stull - Stull by ref stoppage RD1 in a beat down

#2 Jack Burton vs Krystof -Krystof finished him with rear naked choke, by the way that guy is fucking huge

#3 Dan Duke ve John Halvorson John wins by triangle in Rd1

#4 Vitkay vs Joe Riggs - Riggs drops the hammer and KO's Vitkay in RD1
#5 Matt Brady vs Sam Morgan Morgan by armbar

#6 Cooley vs Brock Larson Larson by TKO Rd 1

STull vs Krystof for super hwt title -Krystof takes it with ref stoppage from the full mount

Short vs Sherk- Sherk by rear naked mid RD1 after a take down and side control. It was total domination

Good fights by all. I have pics and some mpegs I'll put together and it should be on mmareview.com soon.

TTT for MMA in MN!!!!
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is this the fight where sherks opponent said they sherk was taking him lightly?

that was the 1st time I've seen brock fight... he's out of the MMAA here in Brooklyn Center I believe. Who else has he fought? He was impresssive

"is this the fight where sherks opponent said they sherk was taking him lightly?

yes..... I don't think he had too much to worry about from what I saw. I've watched Sean a bunch of times and it was business as usual. Lighting shots and superior wrestling with the hammer fist and rear naked to finish it off
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God, Sherk is a bad man.

Sean won by rear naked choke. 2:30 of round 1. He mounted Short twice took him down twice, passing guard each time. He mounted, Short rolled to he belly, Sean got the choke.

Brock Larson trains with Sean at Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. He is 9-0 all wins by submission or ref stoppage. I think only one went past the first round.

hats off to hurricane halverson, he knows jiu jitsu.

thanks for the correction damianh

Another KO for Joe Riggs...

Wow - beat me to the punch with the results
My hats go off to the MI boys
These guys stepped up to take on Sam Morgan, Joe Riggs and Sean Sherk. I do not know many other fighting teams that would even think about stepping up to a trio of fighters like that. Very impressive. They also conducted them selves with class, honor and courage. To any promoter out there – if you have a chance to book fighters from the Gomez academy – Do so.

Mike, good show tonite. I was the guy bothering you before the event for the fight card... didn't mean to interupt your fighters warm up


Although every fight ended in the first round, it was
an entertaining night with some excellent action.

Watch out for big Krystof. I have seen him fight 3
times recently. He trains with great people up in
Winnipeg, including Joe Doerkson. With his natural
athleticism and intensity plus the great team, he will
be a force to reckon with in the future. A very nice
man to talk to, also.

John Halverson's triangle was slick. John was winning
the stand up, got taken down, acted like it was just
another day at the office and slipped the triangle on.
Great skill and patience.

Riggs and Vitkay was a good one, but Riggs' had more
tonight. Tough, well rounded fighter. Hope to see
him continue towards the big show.

Sammy Morgan looked good, as usual. A few excellent
leg kicks, some good exchanges on the feet, some back
and forth on the ground, then he sunk the arm bar.
Give Brady credit, he hung in their with Sammy and
that ain't easy.

Brock Larson continues to impress. Great all around
skills, great conditioning, great heart, and a great
team. A man with a future in this sport, IMHO.

Sean Sherk. Well, all anyone can say is that the man
operates on another level from just about anyone on
this planet. Don't be too harsh in the judgement of
Short. If the man wasn't confident in himself, he
shouldn't have been there. He took the challenge and
stepped WAY up beyond anything he's encountered
before. He looked in great shape and very strong. It
is just hard to show what you've got when you're in
there with Sean. He's just too much better than just
about anyone. His conditioning, positioning,
takedowns, strength, control, cool head, intensity,
and well rounded skills are just unbelievable. And
he's only getting better. He is also one of the
classiest people around. With his skills and personal
qualities, he is one who will continue to push MMA
into higher recognition and acceptance.

Long day of work, driving 3 1/2 hours down and then
back again afterwards, but I am very glad I was at the
show. Great to meet Jeff, Snaphook, Beckwell, and
others. Jaydub, where were you tonight?



WTF Halverson won by submission? That's not right.

What was the attendance for the show?

Fred it was great meeting you!

The show was AWESOME!

Great job guys!

Attendance was low - about 450. The Damage done in this town by previous promoters has been extensive. We have known that all along – but dam – When you run a show with Riggs, Brock, Morgan and Sherk and they are facing good competition and you pull under a 1,000 – damn that hurts.
On the plus side – the folks who were there at least got to see a professional fight show. Videos of the ICC shows will be available from Sunburst video – see http://sunburst.tv. There will only be 200 copies made of this last show. Sherk does an ankle pick in this fight that alone is worth the price of the video.

ttt Congrats to all fighters!

Alex Caporicci (On Demand Fight Team)

Wow only 450 u should do some shows in OHIO they love to see kick ass fights.

sounds like a great show