ICE 16 @ Cincinnati August 13th

One more day.
Looking to be one of the buggest events in ICE history.

just another heads up. get your tickets asao if you are interested in going.

confirmed lineup:

Main event

Terry Davinney vs. Greg Franklin

145-under tourney

Thomas Hayden vs. Nathan Haller; Josh Burton vs. TBA


Zach Hobbs vs. Todd Carnes; Brandon Burton vs. Tom Baber


John Nagy vs. Jason Randall; Scott Bickerstaff vs. Justin Shemanski; Alex Rosario vs. Jeremy Brenner; Scott Hill vs. Scott Zink


Dom O'Grady vs. Anthony Ferguson


Jeremy Lindville vs. Vance Swerdan


Matt McCloud (330) vs. Jimmy Sullivan (280); Nate Blanton (265) vs. Mike Pegg (270); Patrick Barestein (235) vs. Nick Brown (220)

  • i believe it might have changed a little. but this is the card as far as i know

Is the 155 lb. a tourney also?