ICE 20 .... Rich Franklin appears

Yes ICE 20
March 25th
Evendale, cincinnati, Ohio

Sports Plus ----- google t
bell time is 8:30
start drinking time = 7:30
bring your St. Patty's day hats and grab a brew with me.

anyways Rich Franklin will be there signing autographs and whatever stuff you bring or buy. Not too sure if Xyience got him a motorized old person cart or not, but that would be some prime marketing. New demographics!!!! Just had your hip replaced? use Xyience, and out patented motor cart.

ok back to business. Come support the areas top Ammy fighters and a whole bunch making their fight debuts. Should be a great time and great action. As always Cheeks will bring out the ring girls and stuff.

keep this TTTTTTTTTT please.

be there

btw i will be signing autographs as Chuck Norris's stunt double. Im hoping OMA shows up. I will be ready. Headband and all




Kerry how are you doing man? This is the guy you played poker (the one who kept winning with 3's) with the night before the TUF 2 finale.

thanks alot for keepin this up guys.

yes. be advised.

KO by bunny kick.


ICE !!!!!!!