ICE 24 Cincinnati, Ohio Am Show

ICE 24

Sept 30th

Metropolis Night Club
125 Cincinnati Mills Drive
Forest Park, OH 45240
Located behind Cincinnati Mills Mall
Phone : 513.671.2881

in case anyone needs directions.

mapquest it from there

Ticket info : 513 759 4488 SACAN Martial Arts


if you buy tickets online, or through the ICE Myspace site...tell them Todd sent you.

you might get a smiley face in return

Great show...good luck, I have my own show that day but we'll take the trip up for the next one!

same team Conte

I could take Lambchop though


Same night as the show in Dayton? Not very cool.


Man wish i could go but i cant

I dont know what happened but there are a few shows that same night.

and then the next week a pro-am in the NKY Convention Center. I believe that caused the date change for ICE to a week earlier.

should be a great card though.

thanks conte

ICE has been running steady in the area for almost 4 years... we didn't know somebody else was doing a show so close to us until after we set the date with the venue.

If Lambchop actually trained 6 weeks for the fight, and Rod was able to as well.........

good god haha.
I really dont know.

Both hit like macktrucks, they both can take hits.
Ive rolled with ROd a bunch, but havent rolled with Lambchop in well over a year.

of course...I am a 55'er, and they are both over 230, so I get fatman rolled a whole bunch lol.

Ill say this though.....Lambchop with another year of training.....Tim Sylvias worst nightmare 0_o

Conte whats your name/

JDog fatman rolls me a lot too

Looking forward to it

thank you for ttt'ing this.

All of Monte's shows are be there!!!!!


i sprained my taint today after my guard was passed via knee to the taint.

my ICE fight is in jeopardy.
if only I was sponsored by IllBlood and could totally get some awesome sponsor cash and get my taint rubbed out by a liscensed taintologist named Ashley