ICE 27, Cincinnati, Ohio

June 9th
Metropolis Night Club
Bell Time - 8:30 ish

Tickets still on sale.

or by calling Kerry Schall : 513 290 3259
SACAN Martial Arts - 513 759 4488

Anyone wanting to fight please email Monte Cox
at :
topic - ICE 27



english mother you speak it?



i have always enjoyed the ICEE events and never want to miss one. but unfortunatly i will be missing this one. i have to get married that day who is fighting anyone know? and if someone goes will they please post results and how the night went? or email to me thanx

uhm Rich Thurston is fighting.
he is a badass.
he got sponsorder by CowBell Athletics. Now we never have to worry about a lack of cowbell and pitbulls on a shirt


ttt great show I cant go im not allowed at Metropolis

thats sucks.
bang an underager?


no i am the underager lol