Ice Guardians (Hockey Enforcers Doc) Full Vid



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Im not a big hockey fan so I was fascinated to learn that the violence in hockey has a pretty organized set of rules, retribution, and proportionality.

In. Does this stuff happen in Olympic and international Ice Hockey or just North America?

The rinks are larger for Olympic and international play so it is harder to hit the good skaters and bad skaters are a liability hence the need for goons is drastically reduced.

That is my understanding anyway


fighting isn’t nearly as tolerated in international play and certainly isn’t codified into the game

it may be justification, but they mention in the doc that regular play is actually a lot higher contact internationally because the consequences for cheap shots on the ice are merely regulatory and not some skate ape coming to put your teeth through the back of your helmet

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Still wear my Boogaard sweater to Wild games.

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