Ice Mage: ae Grinding?

I know very little about mages and jusr got one up to 25 respec'd to ice and it is a pain in the ass to take out multiple mobs with the ae ive seen ppl use. Whats the exact method on this am i doing something wrong or what.
Ive died so many times but have killed up to 6 mobs my lvl at once.

U dont have to be frost to aoe, Blastwave > Frost nova, plus u still got frost nova!!

Blastwave/blink turn around cone of cold run through, come back with fireblast/ae and frost nova and flamestrike bam.

i dont know that sounds like alot of work right there

I like squat, def glad not everyone is owned by the local mod..

Ice definitely has its place, but I'm not a huge fan of aoe grinding with ice.

First, it is not easy, second, it is not easy--lastly, once you try fire, it's highly addictive and you won't enjoy ice nearly as much.

My thoughts exactly atomic, i shoulda just said that at first. Single target dps, with or without a sheep will always be more mana/time efficent then aoe'ing. Leveling = being efficent with your time, aoe'ing will give u long downtime and possibly die if a resist happens..

lol @ single target dps being more mana or time efficient than aoe. thats absolutely preposterous. if that were true there would be no reason to aoe anything ever.

the truth is that the mana and time efficiency of aoe increases with every mob being attacked. for a very easy example consider the first pull of little flower things in dm north. they come what, 20 to a group? it would take a full minute and over 7k mana to cast enough fireballs to kill them all. it takes like three spells and less than 10 seconds to aoe them down.

Fei that was the worst example ever..

Those mobs in DM have no hp, therefore yes they would be smart to aoe. I was referring to quest mobs that are +/- 1 lvl from you. If you try to tell me that single target dps on mobs your lvl isnt as mana/time efficent then your showing me your dead wrong.

Honestly the only time i've thought it would be worth it aoe mobs for xp/quests would be if you got 2 mages or a shaman/mage. 2 Frost Mages can Definately aoe farm, alternate frost novas and u can blizzard the heck outta stuff. Shamans can drop EB totems to give the mage extra time to get some distance and can toss heals here and there and also any other totems needed. Pallys are nice for me as fire as i can just run up to mobs and pull suicide bomber and just get spam healed.

b0bb0 while levelling you shouldnt be grinding on things that are ahead of you in level ever, and very rarely should you grind same level mobs. regardless, the amount of hit points or level of the mobs is totally irrelevant. ae grinding is indeed much faster and more mana efficient than single target dps as long as you have the correct number of mobs, this CAN NOT be disputed.

if you dont understand why think of it this way. say you are fighting mobs that take ten seconds to kill with single target dps. every mob you want to kill beyond the first also takes 10 seconds and the same amount of mana. if you want to kill 8 of them it takes 8 times as much time and mana as it does to kill one of them.

but if you ae them down it always takes the same amount of resources, no matter how many mobs there are. if it takes 30 seconds and 4300 mana to kill one of them, it takes 30 seconds and 4300 mana to kill 8 of them. so the time and mana efficiency of ae increases with every extra mob you are attacking.

in any level range you can find groups of melee mobs to grind on then it is far more efficient to ae grind than to single target dps

Fei you must of never played a mage, What kind of AoE spell are u talkin bout using? Blizzard????

Your retarded for making that arguement, its a proven fact that single target dps'ing shit will always be faster then aoe and more efficient. And yes you do end up QUESTING and killing mobs a level under you or 1 above you. If you werent a nub then u'd have no problem killing mobs a lvl higher then you. Maybe if u werent tryin to kill 4-5 at a time u wouldnt get pwned..

lol i have a level 60 mage and you dont grind on mobs a level above you because its not efficient.

as far as trying to say that single target dps is faster and more efficient than multi-target ae, that is the stupidest fucking thing ive heard on this board in a long time. go back to school, take a math for dummies class, and get back to me.

actually, fuck that ill do the math for ya.

since you mentioned blizzard lets compare rank 12 fireball with rank 7 blizzard. say both spells are being used to kill three mobs with 8k hit points each:

rank 12 fireball does 2.114 damage per mana spent IF its dot ticks until completion and does 332.3 dps against a single target. it would take 72 seconds to burn through the 24k total hp to kill all three mobs.

rank 7 blizzard does 1472 damage for 1645 mana. against only THREE targets thats 4416 total damage (or 2.68 damage per mana spent) and 552 total DPS. it would take 43 seconds to ae down the three mobs.

conclusion: with only THREE TARGETS blizzard is already MORE MANA EFFICIENT and HIGHER DPS than fireball. its not even fucking close, and the gap can only increase with every extra target added, the single target spell will NEVER catch up.

so keep calling me a noob and saying how i dont know what im talking about, its actually pretty funny considering that your whole arguement is so fucking idiotic

Ok keep on with your wow math, its just like mma math nub. Did you math consider chance to crit/hit? How bout adds? How bout getting ganked? How bout lag??

Plus why are you talking about grinding mobs? Did you play past 60? You quest for xp now, and instance for rep/gear. I dont care what kinda math you come up with, i can tell you that grinding mobs is worthless now. The only "grinding" i do is Primal Airs, and I've never seen one person AOE'ing 3 lvl 70 air eles.

Just to give an example, how bout Lucifron? Did you ever do mc Fei? Did you ever AOE any adds there? Theres a reason good players have a /assist macro so that you learn to target and dps adds as a mage.

I'm done tryin to backup my opinion, to anyone low level wanting to reach 70. Plan on solo questing as fire/frost or arcane/fire and just crush shit and dont die. If you run around aoe'ing mobs i can promise you many deaths related to adds, getting ganked, or even a resist happens you got a nice run back..

I'd rather just crush every mob in front of me and sheep any adds and use one of the MANY and FREE ways mages have to get mana back..

lol you fucking retard. did you actually just ask me why were talking about grinding mobs in thread entitled 'Ice Mage: ae grinding'? rofl get a fucking clue, if you werent so busy calling people nubs and trying to come off like some kind of all-knowing wow god you'd realize the absurdity of what you just wrote

btw heres a visual aid for you:

why dont you go ahead and estimate how much extra time and mana it would take to single target dps all those mobs?

How does solo'ing ZG have anything to do with what we've talked about fei?

I was posting my opinion nothing else, also explained that i believe questing and instancing will ALWAYS be better then "grinding mobs" whether you aoe 3-4 at a time or not. Some situations, yes AOE but i'd rather always be killing shit, no downtime.

If you nubs wouldnt get all bent outta shape about being called a nub then we wouldnt have to go back and forth on every post. Don't know why using the word "nub" in 1 post brings bs from everyone..

how can you honestly not see the connection?

the point i have been disproving this entire thread is your assertion that:

"Single target dps, with or without a sheep will always be more mana/time efficent then aoe'ing" - b0bb0

as i have shown that is totally untrue, as ae becomes more efficient than single target dps, in both damage-per-mana and time invested, with as few as three targets. on top of which, the mana and time efficiency of aoe increases as the number of targets effected increases.

you dont seem to understand that, so i provided the video of the ice mage solo'ing zg as an example. just answer this question: do you seriously think single target dps would kill those mobs faster and more efficiently than aoe?

as far as why calling people nubs gets them bent out of shape its because its pedantic and condescending, especially when you're talking to those of us that have played since release or near release and been active in the end game at both level caps. several of us on the board - me, dlondo, even the oceanic keyboard thumper - we've all got just as much experience in the game as you do, and no one takes kindly to being called a nub. so if you dont want people getting bent out of shape, dont call them nubs, ez solution.

Fei you've only given WoW Math and no good examples. How bout my variables such as resist, adds, ganking? Your telling me the likelyhood your gonna get a resist or get an add is higher or lower if your aoe'ing mobs?

I'd laugh as people doing that shit when they get 1 extra mob and they end up getting owned. Or if your on a pvp serv it dosent take much to own someone with 3-4 mobs on them..

i've given like three good examples and you still didnt answer the question: do you think it would be quicker or more efficient to single target dps the mobs in the video?

and no, i didnt bother addressing resists or adds because they are irrelevant. resists or adds belong in a discussion about survivability, not efficiency. even then its not worth bothering with because of the redundancy of chill effects. if something adds or a mob resists a blizzard, for example, you still have cone of cold, frost nova, and frost armor to keep them chilled.

not to mention that we assume that a thinking player has the intelligence to select a location and grind in a manner that minimizes the risk of adds.

as far as getting ganked goes, thats a risk you take whenever youre out in the wild. if you allow fear of getting ganked to determine the way you play you might as well spend all your time levelling in instances and uncontested territory. if someone does attempt to gank you, as an ice mage you have plenty of tools to escape. otherwise, run back from the graveyard, it takes like two minutes and its not a big deal