ICE Results????

Does anyone have them?????

I was supposed to be there, but my wife recently had surgery and I could not make it.

Thanks in advance!

Dustin Ware



Hey Dustin, I have Jorge here on the phone with people getting results..I'll get all I can and post them in a min.


Here ya go...Billy Rush lost, Mojo won by armbar, Greg Franklin lost, Jeremy Horn won-Strikes from sidemount rd 2...that's all we know right now.

Dustin email me when you get a chance, I have a newsletter for our school, I can email one to you if you'd like.


Did Dave Cochran fight????

I won by submission!!! 2nd round.

Is your wife ok? Wish her my best.

Dan Swift

Nice work Dan!

Thank You!!

I am going to get some sleep now and head to Columbus to whoop some more ass!!!

Thank You!