Icelandic Elves Release Hostage (and she's hot)

Bro, wtf is that?


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Spiderknows - Sorry to be a party pooper. I was kind of hoping there was some truth to this as that would mean trolls and the norse gods are real, but alas . . . . . . Phone Post 3.0
Would be cool if true though. Phone Post 3.0

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100% bullshit!

Gnome sayin!? Phone Post 3.0

That looks like the sane rescue pic from a couole years ago where the college chick got drugged out and naked then climbed up a ledge. It was in the US but cant remember where.

Surely someone here remembers Phone Post 3.0

She had elf dick in her bum?

Fun story? Phone Post 3.0

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Yeah. That cliff doesn't look anything like Iceland, or the attached picture of that mountain thing, (it actually looks like a Mexican crossing the boarder) but who am I to say &quot;no&quot;</blockquote>

It's a cliff in California (Black's Beach, San Diego of a surfer that got swept up and lost her swimsuit in the process) and the girl in story is an Icelandic researcher that did this viral marketing to help her funding as she is currently researching elves. The supposed profile image of the girl is from a Russian dating site.

How much is that Russian being sold for?

Bwatermyfren - 100% bullshit!

Gnome sayin!? Phone Post 3.0

That fucking hot. Phone Post 3.0


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In ireland they will divert pipelines and roads to avoid "fairy trees". True story and I've actually seen it first hand.

Elf story made me chuckle Phone Post 3.0

Not to highjack the thread, but did you survive the round of layoffs last week?

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