ICEMAN & Punishment In Paradise!!!

Second 2 None Fight Wear is proud to bring a double event to Hawaii fans on Saturday May 15.04. Chuck "ICEMAN" Lidell seminar @12 noon & Punishment In Paradise which will start @7pm.

Lidell who is just coming of an impressive K.O. win over former UFC Champion Tito Ortiz to become the #2 Contender to the UFC Championship is also a Black Belt in Kempo. So all you MMA & Kempo fans can enjoy getting taught by one of the best Athletes in the WORLD..

Event Prices
Lidell Seminar price $50.00, Punishment In Paradise Tickets Advance $18.00/ Event Day $23.00

But you can get both events for the price of $60.00 email now for your spot in the ICEMAN seminar today!!
Punishment In Paradise 3 fighters can get the seminar for just $30.00

email to reserve or information. To reserve your tickets or spot make sure you let us know what event you want or if you want the package deal for $60.00

check your email->

How is Lidell the number one contender to the LHW belt? If anything I put him at number 2. Couture being number 1.

Let me say though that I like Chuck as a fighter though so this should be a cool seminar.

Sorry I changed it I was thinking #1 because his fighting the winner

RIGHT !?!?!

Cool. I made money off Chuck beating Tito last UFC. It was nice to see him finally get back on track.



la la la


Which Island?

Honolulu, Waikiki

check for more details check their news page


We may be able to work something out.

I was just up in Portland last weekend and didn't realize there were fights 20 minutes away.

I'm off to the Kings game.

Brennan how dare you bypass my emails! FIRED! I want two tickets.

All show and seminar bussiness goes to

This is going to be a good seminar I already been having flooded emails for people who want the SPECIAL!!

Awesome seminar Bren!

Thanks 4 the support