***Iceman Seminar ***Update***

First of thanks to everyone who has been supporting this event. It is going to be one of the best.

You still have a couple days to get your name on the Pre-Registration list mmaseminar@yahoo.com

Also appearing at the seminar will be 2000 North American K1 Champion Guiseppe Denatale and TKO Canadian SuperLightweight Champion Mark 'the Machine' Hominick. This makes it an even more do not miss event.

Those that just want to come out and watch or grab some pics, entrance is only $20.00

See You all there

TTT !!!

Chuck fears my couch fu.

**practicing a flicking kick from the couch**

Dougie, keep your toes a little more straight.

Thanx grand wizard.

I was wondering though, when I spar Canario, how will I get the couch into the ring? Does it have to be a full couch or can I use a loveseat or possibly a lay-Z-boy?

Dougie if you're going to half-ass your training by using a love seat or a lazy boy I believe we will have to re-think your commitment to this deadly but effective martial art.

*dissapointed... ;(

:) Are you going to stop by on Saturday ???

Oh great grand poobah! Forgive me. I wanted to branch out on my training by specializing in the "lay-z-boy" style and learn to use the kick out leg rest to do my kicks for me. I would still do the kick but I would be so lazy the chair would have to do it for me. Plus I am not sure I am able to handle a whole couch yet due to my newness at this art.

I'm gonna try and pop out to see you use your deadly and evil but oh so effective style. Should I bring my chair?

Nope, but if you could bring an oxygen tank that would be a BIG help my friend.

I have 911 pre dialed on the cell phone, and the hospital is ensuring that the closest routes will be available when they pick me up.

Chuck fears my couch fu.

I have so oxygen left from when my Wife needed it earlier. I will also bring the needle full of adrenaline. I will practice yelling, "Nurse! We need morphine here, 10cc's STAT!"

As long as adrenaline doesn't mean Enema in a forgien language, we're good.

Iceman Merchandise will be available.......

So will Juliette Lewis I hear.

Wait! I'm just kidding!



I had a dream last night that she came with him to the seminar and was all coked out acting strange...

Good times..


That wasn't a dream JHR...

Are we allowed to watch the seminar from the bleachers??? I am willing to pay upwards of $10 for my entry.

I think sokescrog said:

"Those that just want to come out and watch or grab some pics, entrance is only $20.00"




So I guess I should read the entire post before asking stupid questions. My bad.