Iceman vs K-1 fighters

How do you think Chuck would do against a seasoned K-1 fighter? Peter Aerts,Remy Bonlansky,Cyril Abidi,Micheal Mcdonald and Ray Sefo.The Iceman is dangerous against alot UFC fighters but how do you think he would do against some of K-1's best?I like Chuck but I think Bonjansky in the first round by TKO.

he would do ok against the K-1 guys with poor boxing skills, like Cyril Abidi.

lol.....he would kill Sapp

He'd get beaten pretty badly imho.

"lol.....he would kill Sapp" I really wouldn't consider Sapp a seasoned K-1 fighter.I dont know what to consider him.

i think hed do just fine.

Probaly against guys with afros in Bruce Lee suits.

I think he would survive against most of them, but lose decisions a lot. He would KO some lesser fighters in K-1.

Keep in mind (and Chuck has said this before in interviews) that he doesn't focus his straining on standup. He mixes it, as he should. If he were to compete in K-1, he would train all standup. He would fight differently.

Chuck is a counter puncher/kicker. He sometimes takes shots to give and because of his strong jaw he usually comes out the better. In K1 he is going to fight a lot of 230-260 pound guys which means his jaw isn't going to help as much as it usually does. Lebanner vs way even blocked punches would knock Chuck off base. Chuck is a MMA fighter you can't expect him to be able to beat everyone stand up.

Chuck would get outboxed by many K-1 fighters.

And he would get outkicked by every guy in K-1 except Sapp.

Basically if Chuck fought 10 fights in K-1 he'd be like 4-6 or 3-7 at best.

He would hold his own and probaly ko some of their fighters.

What if Bonjansky trained some grappling got up to blue belt with two stripe level and learned takedown defenses well.Do think he'd be another Cro-cop?

Overeem would get smoked in K-1 much worse than Chuck because of his style. Way predictable, and anybody with timed defense can get past the 1st few flurries and pick one of the many openings. Liddell would have upset potential but wouldn't be GP champ caliber or anything. He'd kill Couture under K-1 rules too :) Bonjasky would do about as well as Yvel. Half of his best weapons have "take me down, please" written all over them.

Not so well

now gan mchee would be good.

"Probaly against guys with afros in Bruce Lee suits. "

Please keep giant ochi (rip) out of this.

mikro vs. the iceman would be good in mma, k1, or the street

"Please keep giant ochi (rip) out of this."

Im not sure if youre joking or not,but hes not talking about Giant Ochai.

How would Chuck do in K-1?I really dont know,theres only one way to find out for sure.I think TheAx is correct,he would probably lose alot of decisions.K-1 fighters have much better stand up defense than your average MMA fighter,that would be his biggest problem while trying to connect with the big bombs.

"Overeem was killing him before he hit him with that bomb"

I love hearing that.See,what really happened was Chuck took everything Overeem had to throw,and when it started coming back in Overeems direction,he couldnt handle any of it.

1-2 years exclusive training probably pretty good, if he fought a top
guy next week he would most likely get beat very bad.

I think it's hilarious that people think Sapp sucks. The guy KO'd the greatest fighter in K-1 history twice.

I think Chuck would beat them in MMA and lose to most in K-1. The thing that makes Chuck so dangerous is that he was a pro kickboxer with division 1 level wrestling ability. If Chuck concentrated his training solely on K-1 for the last several years I think he would be a good K-1 fighter. He's obviously a great athlete and one tough mofo.

Peter P